So you think you can dance?

Dancing is something which is common to everyone- all countries, cultures, religions, both the sexes and all age groups. From a Canadian to a Russian, a villager to a high society businessman, everyone knows what dancing is and has some or the other time danced in their lives.

In our Indian culture itself, there are so many forms of dances that it may take an entire lifetime to master anyone of them. There's Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, Kuchipudi and so many others. Having learned Kathak for a few years myself, I think I can safely state that it is no 'bai haath ka khel' !

But dancing is more than learning just a form of art. Dancing is also a way of expression of happines. Think about it. Whenever you hear a good news, dont you dance as an outlet for all the happiness and energy that just got built inside you? Don't you jump and clap your hands or shoot your hand up in the air? That's how liberating dancing is.
But hello, not everyone can dance. I, for one, can't. Go to any shaadi and I can bet that you'll find at least one weirdo on the dance floor, dancing like a madman on loose.

All the Blooywood films have portrayed heroes as good dancers. The villain snatches the girl, the hero goes to save her, kills the villain and then both the hero and the heroine dance in the end, most likely in a remote desert in one scene and a snow clad mountain in the next.

What I am trying to say is, the 'hero' has always been portrayed as a good dancer. Hence, we expect our boyfriends and husbands to be good dancers because of the image created. People are expected to be good dancers because of the 'hero' effect. (the 'hero' effect is only partially responsible. There are a few other reasons a s well)

Not just Bollywood films, but dancing has always played an important role in Hollywood too. In films like Dirty dancing, Step Up, Save the Last dance and Bring It On (come on, cheerleading is almost dancing), the central idea was dance.

Step Up was the movie that made me look at dancing with a different perspective. Oh, how I wish I could dance good enough, just so I could be with the seemingly perfect Channing Tatum [<3].>
And dont even get me started on the number of dance based reality shows that have cropped up.
Even as a kid, weren't you bugged by all those Aunties who kept saying 'Beta, Aunty, ko dance karke dikhao!'. Jeez. A kid can't even get his sleep.
Dancing comes to us naturally. As an expression of joy, a form of art or just about anything. There are some who don't dance (because they can't or don't want to), but to each his own, right?
And incidentally, today, as in 29th of April, is World Dance Day. So put on your dancing shoes and groove to the music. (wait, what was the phrase?)
Happy Dance Day! :D

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3 Reflections:

Mishika said...

Dancing is fun! Its just sad that I can't do it, not at all. I personify the phrase "having two left feet", quite seriously.

But I still enjoy in, in silent, empty spaces, when there is no one looking. :)

SrishtiC said...

Taali do! I cant dance too. I wish I could though.
Even I used to dance in my room alone, but some time ago, I gave up that too.
Oh, well.


Mishika said...

HI 5 then :)