New York, New York

My obsession with New York began when I started reading The Princess Diaries. The book was set up in Manhattan, and the descriptions made me wonder about New York. I knew this much that it had a lot of skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty but I didn't know how truly amazing that city is.
My second prompter was Friends, the TV show. Personally, I think Friends is the best thing that ever happened to television but thats off the point. The beautifully shot scenes of New York made me fall in love with it. Yup, in love with a city.

And so it began. I downloaded as many photos of New York as I could from the internet and viewed them over and over again, sighing every time. I made a 'Places to Visit while visiting New York' list. I saw New York's map in Google Earth and tried to learn it by heart.

I think about New York a lot. I think about Central Park. How nice it would fell to walk in the park, the wind on my face and the scnet-laden flowers all around me. I think about Times Square, how it would feel to actually be there, knowing you're currently standing in the hippest place in America. I think about the Empire State Building, about how it would feel to stand on its roof, looking down and seeing millions of tiny lights and cars and people, all hurrying past you when you're stationary. I think about the Greenwhich Village, how it would feel to stand in the vicinity of so many creative and artistic people. I think about the Statue of Liberty, about how it would feel to stand inside the legendary...tower? (Btw, wasn't that scene in Heroes totally awesome when Peter and Angela are actually standing inside the CROWN of the statue?)

New York is a motley of everything. You get all kinds of people there. The gangsta ones, the rich and elite, kids like in Gossip Girls, friends like in Friends and so many more. There are all kinds of environments there, from the grubby streets of Brooklyn to Hotels like like the Plaza and Four Seasons. From places like Park Avenue to suburbs like Westchester.
There is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Dick Clark's New Year Rockin' eve, the Met and a hundred other things. I mean you can actually entertain the idea of running into Sarah Jessica Parker while she's dropping her kid off to school. How cool is that?

Somebody said (I can't recall who) "I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps". He was talking about New york. New york never sleeps. Supposing if you lived there, how nice it would feel to say " I crossed the Madison Street and thought I reached the Seventy-fifth but it was actually fifty-sixth so I had to take a subway and cross Park Avenue" !

But unfortunately, I've never been to New York. My wish to go to New York is like a gnawing ache inside me, resurfacing whenever I am remimded of it. All of this which I wrote is just my imagination of how New York must be. But I do hope I get a chance in future to go to New York in the near future.
And this is a very badly written confession, but I cannot be blamed. Its love :D

Signing off,

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