Black Valentine's

They decided lets meet.

Lets meet over a coffee.

@German Bakery

They took a table. Ordered a coffee. Laughing, chatting.
Not a worry in the world. Except placement exams, He thought.
But He was with Her. Who cared about exams?

And suddenly, blast.
Everything's black.


They had to amputate His legs. She was ninety per cent burnt. Barely alive. Negligible chance of survival. He was still unconscious.

Government officials handed a cheque to His mother. His mother tore it up and threw it on his face.

He died yesterday night. She's on the brink of death.

All they wanted,

was coffee.

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They're coming.

I don't think people get it.

I know I have boards this year okay. I KNOW. I don't need people reminding me every two minutes every SINGLE day.
As if I need every auntie to go, "Beta, boards hai iss saal!"
As if I need the whole world's advice.
As if I need my every action dictated by the fact that I have boards this year.

They say it like its a disease, that I have to be cautious.

As if my whole life depends on these exams, as if I'm bound to collapse into a big heap of nothingness if I don't score well in 'boards'.
I don't care what anyone says, I WORSHIP Kapil Sibal for scrapping them off.
9th is so lucky. They have Gardening as a subject. Gardening. I want to Garden.

This sucks.
Maths sucks.
Life sucks.

Oh and, support Shah Rukh Khan in his stand against the incredibly stupid Shiv Sena.

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