The Anonymous poem

This is a poem I found in HT Classifeds on Valentine's Day. I think its really beautiful and reaches out to your heart. Here:

When you ask me why I love you,
I dont know what to say.
I love every part of you,
in every single way.
But if you want specifics,
I'll try to meet your wish.
And do my very, very best
to make a simple list.
I love you for your arms,
that hold me every night.
I love you for your kisses,
sometimes strong and sometimes light.
I love you for your patience,
that never seems to end.
I love you for the fact,
that I can call you a friend.
I love you for your lips,
that always seem to smile.
When you look upon my face,
for just a little while.
I love you for your eyes,
that see deep within my soul.
I love you for your ability,
to always make me whole.
I love you for your honesty,
I know you'll never lie.
I love you for your passion,
so much it makes me cry.
I love you for your quirkiness,
and the little jokes you tell.
I love this and a million other things as well.
You see how hard it is ,
to narrow it all down.
There are far too many reasons,
but one thing I have found...
I love you for your brains,
but I love your body too.
In short I love every single thing,
that has to do with you!

I think this is an AMAZING poem and I wish the person all the very best who wrote this poem and hope he/she have a full and happy realtionship with the person to whom the poem's dedicated :)

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2 Reflections:

Mishika said...

Finally!! Great going girl. Make me proud :)

SrishtiC said...

Thank you so much!