Love or Mortality?

A few days ago, I was watching a movie called Tuck Everlasting. In it, there was a family of immortals, the Tucks, and Jesse Tuck falls in love with Winnie, a mortal girl. But the Tucks didn't want to be immortal. They accidently drank water from a spring which cursed them with immortality.
Now obviously, Winnie couldn't be with Jesse while she's still a mortal, because as she ages, Jesse would stay frozen as he is.

So she debates whether to have water from that spring. To give up her mortality at the cost of her love or give up her love at the cost of mortality.
Tough one, huh?

It actually is. I put myself in her situation and found it really hard to choose between love and mortality. Now normal (mortal) and lucky (love-wise) people actually have both. Their 'someone special' and the ability to die. But supposing you didnt, Suppose that by some twist of fate (in love with a vampire?) you HAVE to choose one.

Which one would you choose?

Now me, I am a die-hard believer of love and a HOPELESS romantic. But I also believe that living forever would really, truly suck.
What would I do? No idea.

You can't just choose love in the spur of a movement. I know its a very noble thing to do and the test of true love and all, but its a very hard decision.
Another thing I'd like to point out here.
Take the case of Twilight. When Bella learns that Edward is a vampire and to continue their realtionship, Bella'll have to be a vampire ergo immortal, she instantly agrees to be a vampire.

But that is not normal human reaction! I mean, I adore the Twilight Series and all, but this particular point was difficult to believe. No matter how intense and serious a relationship is, you just wont give up your mortality in a second.
I'm not saying she shouldn't have become a vampire. I'm just saying, she should have taken out the pros and cons and at least considered the alternative and think about the consequences.

But she was all "Bite me".
Its not Romeo and Juliet where the only obstacle was family enimity, 'cuz I'm all for eloping. Its a question of your mortality.

Currently though, I still dont have the answer as to what I would choose. But maybe, later in life when I'm actually in love and have a 'muse' (!), I'd be able to answer that. Just maybe :)

All my love,

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3 Reflections:

Mishika said...

I guess I would choose mortality (or whatever the other thing is, opposite love) and be selfish. I have learned that way is actually a better choice, though a lesson learned the hard (and quite ugly and painful) way..


SrishtiC said...

Lucky for your to-be partner that you won't have to make that choice!

But as they say, "Abhi toh aap jawaan ho..." :D

Maybe your answer will change once things get sorted out *hopeful grin*


Mishika said...

I used to not expect it but secretly hoped for it. Now its neither! *satisfied smile*