Ronaldo is SEXY.

Here are a few random facts about my knowledge of football:

- I possess none.
- But I'm freakishly excited about today's Argentina v/s Germany.
- I'm supporting Argentina, mainly because their coach is Maradona, and the name Maradona sounds SO cool. I wish my name was Maradona. Also, because yesterday was Ritika's birthday and she invited all her German Exchange friends and all they talked about was their stupid German Exchange for the whole FIVE hours and I'm starting to get just a LITTLE bit irritated of Germany.
- Its saddening that Portugal got out so early, poor Ronaldo.
- Ronaldo's expression in Shakira's Waka Waka at 2: 09 is INSANE. REALLY.
- Waving Flag is so much better than Waka Waka.
- Though I like the thing that Shakira wears in her hair in the video.
- Kerala is the second-most-football-crazy state in India. When I went there this summer, there were all these slogans painted on the walls, like 'Argentina Fan Club' and stuff, which aren't there anywhere else.
- The most-football-crazy state in India is West Bengal, but I guess everyone knows that.
- Also, I've finally decided I'll support Real Madrid and Manchester United because of Ronaldo&Kaka and Rooney respectively.

Here are a few random facts about Kerala:

- There are just TOO many trees, I'm sorry. They're taking the phrase 'Go Green' way too seriously.
- They have huge, airy houses (flat culture doesn't exist there) with even bigger ceilings. Guess what the view is from the balcony? OF TREES.
- Beaches and Sea is the awesomest thing EVER. Delhi should have a beach. I don't think I can ever get tired of looking at the vast, endless expanse of sea/ocean. Its beautiful.
- Black soil we read about in Geography? Yeah, its REALLY black.
- The golden sand in Calicut was coarser than the black sand in Kovalam.
- Everyone there eats directly using their hands, so each restaurant has a separate area that says 'WASH'.
- Most restaurants don't serve mineral water. They boil the tap water and mix a herb in it which turns the water slightly red. I didn't pretend to be a vampire at all.
- Keralites, or maybe south Indians in general, I dunno, shake their head in a funny way. Like Noddy does, only 360 degrees instead of his up and down. But the problem is, you can't tell whether its a yes or a no.
- Everyone there has a smile on their face and goes around grinning all the time at everyone. I wish people in Delhi were like that. Here, people hurl abuses at you for no reason.
- HORRIBLE clothes.
- NO HOT GUYS. Outrageous, really.
- There is a British and Indian name for a lot of places, like Cochin and Kochi. Thiruvananthpuram and Trivandrum.
- Beaches are so crowded.
- Waves are POWERFUL!
- In movies, they show the hero and the heroine are having the time of their life at the beach. But they always skip out the part where they should feel so ICKY after going to the beach because sand is everywhere. Movies lack any kind of practicality, really.
- Their biggest movie star there is Mohan Lal.
- Fort Kochi is not actually a fort, its old Kochi.
- And its AMAZING! They have all these cool streets like Princess Street, Rose Street and there are a lot of homestays there which are fickin expensive, even more so than Taj.
- The wind at Kanyakumari's shore is SOOOOOOO strong that I could swear my feet got lifted up in the air for just a second.
- Everyone there goes around wearing hats and sunglasses because the sunlight is so strong.
- I couldn't find one McDonald's in the whole of Kerala.
- Kochi airport is gooooooood.
- There was stuff like Ratatouille (yes, like in the movie!!), lobster and steak in the daily menu.
- Kerala has great spices, apparently.
- Lighthouses are cute.
- India's coastline's view from air is awesome.
- Shells are cute too.
- They also eat a different kinda rice, which are fatter in structure and bad in taste but more nutritious.
- EVERYONE WEARS A DHOTI. Not pretty. Though I wore it once too. :D
- In spite of, or because of, all that, Kerala IS extremely beautiful.

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21 Reflections:

soin said...

and i was in kerala too last week.and man utd and madrid? die girl die.and no kerala is not the second footy crazy state. its the first.and its an gethu state with range

Tangled up in blue... said...

I've never been to Kerala..but I'd sure like to go there..and btw, I possess no knowledge of footie myself but they are all sure great eye candy! I used to be crazy about Zizou around the last world cup and right now, I dont like anyone in particular but Ronaldo is really cute :D

and Wavin' Flag is awesome, totally better than waka waka but shakira's made the better video.. :)

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

360 degree head shake ? no kidding !

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

i just did a few 360 degree head shakes in front of the mirror right now . I bet I would laugh a lot if someone did that in front of me

Srishti said...

@Soin: Haha, so which club do you support? Really, Kerala is the first football crazy state? I thought it was West Bengal..never mind.

@TUIB: Yepp, Kerala is beautiful, worth a visit. Much closer to Mumbai though. I know, right! Yesterday, i was watching the math with a coupla friends and we didn't even look at the ball. :D Totally, Ronaldo! Yeaa, Wavin Flag is so inspiring, whenever I hear it, I wanna get up and go play football.

@TLOP: Hahaha! Seriously? You did that? They did it in front of me all the time and said, 'accha hai, accha hai' :D :D

Rohith.R.Das said...

Ahem...There are a few hot men out there, after all. ;D

Read your post with nervous excitement...giggled all the way through....since I'm a Keralite!

You're right. Over here, folks are unreasonably mad about football. Sporadic violence reported in various parts after the exit of Latin American giants...funny really. Some even believe (God knows why) that Maradona is a distant heir of Che Guevara!

As for Mohanlal, I strongly recommend that you watch some of his films, say, Bhramaram, Chithram, Vaanaprastham, Manichithrathaazhu, Thaalavattam etc... Without doubt, one among the greatest actors of all time. Presently, his talent is being wasted away in crappy commercial flicks though. You must have caught a glimpse of him in Company & Aag. :)

Did you visit the renowned pilgrim centre, Guruvayur? It's some 78kms' drive form Cochin. Ever heard of it? My hometown :)

Found your observations witty and rib-tickling. But it reminded me of what Addison said in - 'Remarks on the English by the Indian Kings'-

"I cannot likewise forbear observing, that we are all guilty in some measure of the same narrow way of thinking, which we meet with in this abstract of the Indian Journal, when we fancy the customs, dresses, and manners of other countries are ridiculous and extravagant, if they do not resemble those of our own."

Here's the link -

Srishti said...

@Rohith: Hello! :D
Haha, oh yes, you're a Keralite! I hope I didn't offend you in any way, because, I truly do find Kerala a very beautiful and honest place.
Ahh well, football :D Who's side are you on?
Ooohhh, thanks for the movie suggestions, I will be sure to check these out whenever I get the opportunity. :) No, I didn't get to visit Guruvayur, as we were in Cochin for only 2 days.
Thank you so much, but you are very correct in quoting this; its true we either ridicule or look up to whatever is not ours. Guilty. Thanks for the worderful quote, though. :)

Incognito said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Incognito said...

Football is better than cricket. It's a fast sport. There are no ads in between.
There is an added bonus of hot guys and they're better than cricketers. Smarter. And Sexier.

Kerala. Dad went there. Saw it through photos. My dad keeps saying let's go there.
Which remeinds me that never live in a houseboat. At night the water is very creepy.

Kerala has reptiles. Which are scary. *shudders*

deluded said...

my god yaar.

i toh read a funny post and i was going to give a light comment here.....


yaahan to serious maara maari chal rahi hai :P

now i have nothing serious, witty or intellectual to say :(

gah. poor me. i should drown in a sea of curry!

and yes please. add me on facebook!


deluded said...

oh damn!
where'd my comment go!

Ketan said...

Hahaha! Funny and interesting post!

BTW, where's Rohith's comment?

"There is a British and Indian name for a lot of places, like Cochin and Kochi. Thiruvananthpuram and Trivandrum."

Actually, you might have not thought, but what are Delhi (Dilli), Bombay (Mumbai - derived from Mumba devi) and Calcutta (anglicized version of 'Kalikshetra' --> 'Kalikata' --> 'Kolkata')? :D

Getting significantly, off point, don't want to sound jingoist, but as I'm learning more and more, I realize British & Muslim invaders had great role in dismantling and destroying native Indian culture and pride associated with it (click). Of course, the blames lies as much with natives to let that happen.

I was going to blog about it, long back, but this (click) happens to be the most rational philosophy that had developed in the World, given the time it had come about (600 BCE). The only other philosophy that comes close in its sophistication and rigor is that of Greeks, who had started questioning the existence of God by around 5th century BC. I don't know much about Chinese history, so can't comment.

But the point I'm making is, how did we as a collective, lost this simple common sense, that it took the likes of David Hume and Bertrand Russel to bring back skepticism, naturalism and its larger superset - humanism back in vogue?

Anyway, I've rambled a lot (probably, nothing new! ;) ). But I truly wish that you read the above links, and most preferably, give me an honest and candid feedback as to what you felt. Did you learn anything new, did anything shock/surprise you? And that won't be very difficult as you've to reply to my email, which I'd sent a few days back. :)


Nitisha Pande said...

Hey there, Baloney! :)
About football, I had no clue what the whole deal was with the ball and rules either until the 2010 FIFA came about. Now, I am an ardent supporter of Argentina(or was, till they crashed out) and know how offside rules work. :D
The closest I have come to Kerala would be living some of my childhood years in Vijayawada in A.P and Coimbatore in T.N.
Now,living in cramped houses in Bombay and reading your blog post makes me feel that Kerala is an ethereal land of Gods! Large, airy, houses?? They're a joke in this city. :P

Haddock said...

Agree on that very first point. Absolutely no knowledge about Football, except for the fact that I know some octopuss is the latest star.

Anonymous said...

And what would you say if you found out I was from Kerala? :)

Newbie mom :)

Clezevra said...

I like. :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

Srishti!!! I've tagged you in a post on my blog! Come check! :)

Destiny's child... said...

Kerala is really a beautiful place. It might sound biased as I am from Kerala, but it's so so true! Glad you enjoyed your trip :)And 360 degree head shake? Lol, now who did that?

Srishti said...

Incognito, can't say whether football is better or not but people are certainly hotter. ;)

Deluded, you always have something so random to say that i Can never get enough of ur posts :D

Ketan, ohhh, you're right! A lot of cities have British and Indian names.
And the article was amazing! I actually read the whole thing, and although I dont want to, but i do agree with his views.

Srishti said...

Haddock, I now know football. Contact me if u wanna know anything. :D

Nitisha, heyy! Sorry for the late reply, my computer was sick. :( Yeah me tooo! I had no knowledge of football at all but ever sice I saw Iker casillas (the hottest spanish player everrrr) I so love football! I saw Spain v/s Germany five times :D
Yea, Bombay is cramped, but then, Kerala doesn't have Bombay's charm, does it? :)

NM, OMG REALLY? You're from Kerala? WHERE? WHERE?

Clezevra, thanks. :)

TUIB, done :D

Destiny's Child, oohhh, you're from Kerala too? Wowww, where? heheh, 360 degree head shake- a lot of people did that!

Neetzi D said...

No wonder Kerela's God's own country.

And this is the most popular one:
Ronaldo: God sent me to teach you how to play football...
Lionel Messi: I didn't send anyone.

Face it! Ronaldo play club football. Not country.