For lack of a better post

Its been very, very long since I have blogged and I deserve a slap, totally.

And I deserve an even tighter slap for what comes next-

Witness this conversation,

Me (watching someone opening the their lunch box): You're having your food now? Its eleven-thirty, my food is finished at eight in the morning!
Girl #1: I know, I'm really hungry, I haven't had anything since morning.
Girl #2: Me too, except Jili's cheese toast.
Girl #3: I usually eat early in the morning, but today I didn't.
Me: Yes, because I asked for a statement from everyone in the class.

Which, sadly, is what you get when there are only six guys, and the rest all girls, in your class.

Now this,

Random Girl: You know, in a village in India, there's a tradition in which new borns, little babies are made to bathe in boiling, hot milk.
Me (horrified, more so because I had just read Six Graves to Munich, and its SCARY): How sad! Think of all the poor babies.
Ess: How sad! Think of all the milk wasted.

Now this is one guy who I would like, to be in my class.

See the difference?

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7 Reflections:

Tangled up in blue... said...

:O I really dont know what to say. Because drowning in boiling water wud save milk? Ughhh.

Street Style said...

thanks for dropping by and liking my blog..ok, so there is no H&M in India..yeah, its so sad but its true!!

soin said...

wait the labels. any connection at all with the blog post?

Anonymous said...

Sounds a like a Very wise ass. ;)

Srishti said...

TUIB: No no, wait, I think you got it a little bit wrong. He was just trying to take out the lighter side, thats all. He's not that insensitive, really. :)

Street Style: Thats sad yaa! Love ur blog btw, and on facebook too :)

Soin: But aren't the labels supposed to have all the connection with the post? ;)

Anon: You would know :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

Maybe that wasnt the intention when spoken but it comes across as a little callous when written down. :|

Karishma R said...

Heyooo! Looking forward to your story. Yes, she can simply be a fashion enthusiast.

My class is just like that. Practically no boys. And the ones who are there, are very, very lame.

Have a nice day sweety!