But it makes me out of breath when you say..

Who doesn't  love the magic of a Saturday night out. Could be a date, could be a party, could be a girls night out, the excitement that this prospect triggers is amazing. It all begins with urgent phone calls, where, what, when, with who. How are we going, how are we coming back. And for people like me, "Mum, can I go?"
Its all very, very exciting. And then, once the plan is made, once everything is set, you settle down with a nice book or a movie to calm yourself. You try to forget about the plan, because over thinking it kills it somehow. You try to let it remain untouched, we'll see what we'll see. Don't think about it.

After immersing yourself in the book, you sneak a look at the clock and decide when to start getting ready. And when the time finally comes, you get up with a smile. The time before or after a party is the best. The anticipation of the whole thing, the imagining what will happen, how the night will end.

Then you start the hot water and take out the clothes and shoes (pre-decided). You take everything you'll need in the bathroom, the dry towels, the soap, the moisturizer, the dryer, the loofah and whatever else. You take your time and get rid of all the scents of the day. You wash your hair like crazy, determined to get it right. Then you dry them impeccably straight or curly or however. And finally, comes the most awaited part, when you get into the clothes, specially chosen for that occasion, matching perfectly, because on a Saturday Night, dear, they will. Now comes the Routine.

You put on the cream to even out the texture, then dab the powder to even out the tone. Eyes, you do with careful concentration, because for some reason, they are the most important. Slowly and conscientiously, you have to get them exactly right. Lip gloss, and a little something here and there. Then you walk over to the other side, and a spritz of your favorite perfume. Not too much, not too little. You walk towards the mirror, and give yourself the final once-over, nodding.

Now you take The Bag and put in all the essentials, which could range from as little as a phone and wallet or to phone, wallet, lip balm, eyeliner, comb, wet tissues, extra jacket and scarf, small snacks (if the food is bad), cards, earphones, a pair of flats and some.
Then you add on the accessory, earrings or a bracelet or a scarf and then finally, you are ready.

When you walk down the stairs, or take the elevator, and happen to bump into someone, they give you a knowing smile and you smile satisfactorily in return. They know its a Saturday Night Out. You love the sound your shoes make and the echo they generate.

Its time, oh yes, its time.

The equally favorite part is the after party time. When you're so exhausted, you have no idea what you are saying any more, but then, you don't care anymore. When even the most absurd things make sense, and those conversations, when recollected later, make you cringe. You're in a daze. But the sweetest, most wonderful part is when you sit down to think about all that had happened that night, all the fun you had, all the nonsense you had said and even that, for some reason, was very appreciated, you just can't stop smiling. Your cheeks ache, but you can't.

As you are minutes from falling asleep in the night, you close your eyes with absolute contentment, knowing what a good, good night it had been.

As Parrot M., or rather the cheap video that I finally convinced S. to tell me about says,
YAY. Its party time. :)

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4 Reflections:

Anonymous said...

That is one amazing video.
All that you wrote is exactly how i get ready for a party too. :D
I wait and wait. And then Yay! it's party time!!

Awesome post!

That S realized that dialogue was from that video just shows what a True wise he is. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wise Ass, I meant

Srishti said...

Just let these stupid finals get over, we WILL ROCK. xD

You know S. too well now. :|

Bikramjit said...

So how did the finals go ...
and how was the party :)