Angrezi mat jhaad!

Only in India...will you find the Indian English. Something which is termed as 'Hinglish'.
Quotes and words when spoken, you can't help but giggle, no matter how bad your own English is. Here goes.

-"Dont argooo with me!"
Couldn't if I wanted to.

-"If x+y izikal to x+z..."
What izikal to WHAT?

-"Oh my God, look at her butts!"
What? I can't find anything wrong in this sentence.

You're the boss.

(A girl who had read the word 'dude' and knew what it meant, but had never actually heard someone say it)
-"Oye, Dudey!"
She probably meant Dubey...

-"I have a Pee-sychic"
Not in a condition to comment.

-"Hi, my name is Rahul. You wanna make fraandship with me?"
or sometimes
"Hi, you wanna fraand me?"
Why not?

-"Angrez chale gaye, tujhe chod gaye!"
Is that even possible?

-"Toh what?"
Aur kya!

-"Let the rains fall down..."
Please, do!

Also, I find the concept of using 'like' after every third word extremely amusing.
-"Look, I'm like, really hungry, so can we like, make a move, so I can like, eat?"
Sure, what would you like?
"So he's like 'I don't like you' and I'm like 'Whats not to like?' and he's like 'I don't know what to, like, say...' "
Huh. What indeed.


*I don't mean to intentionally hurt anyone. All views and opinions in this post are purely fictional , and any person resembling anyone, living or dead, is entirely co-incidental. Well, almost ;)

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9 Reflections:

Ketan said...

Well lady, that was an awesomely impressive post. Never knew you were so good at sarcasm. Good, I never tried it on you. Well, like, almost. ;)

Srishti said...

Haha...thank you :D
Sarcasm...its the Friends (the TV show) effect ;)

Mishika said...

About the "like" disease, I too have it I think.
Very well written.
**loud applause**

Srishti said...

Like, it doesn't matter naa! You are still the nicest :)
Thank you :D

deluded said...

Im like wow. this is totally like a really cool post. you should totally like write a book nigga.

deluded said...


english fail.

the only things I can add 'like' before are, strawberry milkshake and hot girls.

oh. well. at least I tried.

Srishti said...

Haha...thank you so much!
Book...I can't say I haven't considered it before ;)
Haha...strawberry milkshakes and hot girls!
Keep tryin'...maybe you'll find something else ;)

deluded said...


youre right.

I DID find something else.

pre heated toilet seats.

in cold weather, heaven :)

Srishti said...

Well, have fun...or are these sentiments inappropriate? ;)