You're Beautiful :)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1977, he was expelled from school at the age of 16. Spending most of his time at a Cork pool hall, he was subsequently discovered by Casting Agents. Thank you, Casting Agents, for bringing to my notice that something as beautiful as him exists.
- Coffin-shaped face
-Chiselled cheekbones
-Smoky, hazel eyes
-Bee-stung lips
-That adorable accent [<3]

8 words for you, from the James Blunt song
"I saw an angel, of that I'm sure"
We'll meet someday. Pakka. You'll see. And I'll call you Jonathan, not Jo or Jon. Because Jonathan sounds so sophisticated, just like you.
And since being sophisticated is something which I'm very bad at, I admire you even more for it.
But till the time we meet, I'll just keep singing...
"And I'm breathless, over the edge and I'm sleepless, I never thought that I'd catch this...lovebug again :-)"

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4 Reflections:

Mishika said...

You're mad kiddo! You need help!

deluded said...



when I saw the movie, I thought he was cool, but I was too in love with the girl to think about anything other.

he sings well though.

or was it someone else singing?

Ketan said...

Or before long it's Jonathan who might require help! If you need any tips about stalking, you could ask 'deluded' above. And if you need effective tips for stalking, of course, you could ask yours truly. :)

Srishti said...

@Tutul: Dil todh diya <\3
But still...haha :D You're funny :)

@Deluded: Welcome to the blog! mean The Tudors? Sings well or not...either way, he's perfect *eyes get in cartoons*

@Ketan: on stalking. You know what? Those may prove to be really helpful...because there are a few other people who I wanna stalk too ;) Mwahahaha! Thats the evil laugh, btw.