Black Valentine's

They decided lets meet.

Lets meet over a coffee.

@German Bakery

They took a table. Ordered a coffee. Laughing, chatting.
Not a worry in the world. Except placement exams, He thought.
But He was with Her. Who cared about exams?

And suddenly, blast.
Everything's black.


They had to amputate His legs. She was ninety per cent burnt. Barely alive. Negligible chance of survival. He was still unconscious.

Government officials handed a cheque to His mother. His mother tore it up and threw it on his face.

He died yesterday night. She's on the brink of death.

All they wanted,

was coffee.

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12 Reflections:

soin said...

if you dont mind,its a bit typecast what you have written.anyways this is all trivial.what about people who died and wanted nothing.we have to we die.that is

Bikram said...

Sad fact of life.. you dont know when you get ..

Sad very sad thing has happeend all we can do is prey for the departed souls and

Curse the people who are behind this.. may they ROT IN HELL...

Ketan said...


This was well written.

However, the title sort of gave away the plot. And in real India, government checks don't arrive so soon, and much less, on a proverbial platter. :) Some people, rather have to bribe and fight to get even that monetary compensation.

@ soin:

"anyways this is all trivial.what about people who died and wanted nothing.we have to we die.that is all"

There might be people who might be wanting nothing in their lives before they die. But I guess, this story was not about those people. That's all. Simple! isn't it?

I believe, whenever a writer charts out certain characters in a story, it is inappropriate to question the attributes of those characters because that was the writer's vision!

And well, if you could connect it with this story and your comment, in a short story that I had started, but never completed, I had written:

"Anticipation is no remedy for pain".

So I guess, I will continue to fear death and be sorrowful to know about someone's death who I would have held dear. Maybe, that's what makes me value and love my life despite the fact that it's nothing but chemical reactions! ;)

@ Bikram: First pray, may Hell exist, apart from this Earth! ;) Then we will also have to pray that may souls exist! :P

Misanthropist said...

german bakery? aditya mehta and his friend??

Srishti said...

@Soin: Its not typecast. Its somebody's life. And come on, its anything BUT trivial.

@Bikram: I agree with you completely.

@Ketan: Thank you, but there IS no plot. Its real. The person is real. The cheque arrived. The mother DID tear it and threw it on his face. I have insider's account.

@Misanthropist: Yes, Aditya Mehta. The friend was a girl. In the newspaper, they made her sound like a guy. You know them?

Ketan said...


Sorry in that case; I didn't realize it was a true event.

Governance might have improved in India, maybe except for the occasional bomb blasts here and there. I didn't realize this. Or maybe, it's just the cynical me.

Anyway, then I also ought to apologize to soin 'cuz my comment to him becomes irrelevant, and also I ought to be better informed with the various happenings around.


soin said... of million dies.inevitable- is trivial for me.if its some one i know a bit sad.infact apart from the obv grief,the fellow might have died happily with his girl by his side.if we are to treat every death as non trivial,then where will we draw the line.if its a person we know personally i guess we can get all emotional.but fcorz its my view and not yours.

@ketan..even if this was a story,i was not questioning the characterisation but rather the views of the character which the author has created.anyways free

Ketan said...


I guess, this sort of emotional response arises from our reflexively putting ourselves in the shoes of those who suffered. Of course, what we feel would not be as intense as the mother of the said son, or some friend or sibling, but still somehow it hurts a bit, maybe, not much.

I guess, one more reason people fear death is the suddenness with which it usually comes. :)

Bikram said...

@Ketan:- Hell does exist. It may not be a place but it exists all in this world.. Wehn these idiots who treat other humans like nothing are dieing.. they will know what hell is ... When they are rotting and no one to hear there cries.. Just wish when they are in that state OTHER idiots see it and stop in there ways ...

Ketan said...

Yes, Bikram you're right, that's why my emphasis on "apart from this Earth"-part in the original comment. The Hell you're talking of is right amidst us - on this Earth itself, and no doubt a few (or, many) humans are involved in making it that. But I'm doubtful anything "bad" happens to bad people after they die! ;)

Destiny's child said...

Who would have thought that it would be their last cup of coffee?
Life has certainly become uncertain. (That sounds ironic, doesn't it?)
Nicely penned Srishti...:)

Mishika said...

:( and i thought my valentine's was "black"