They're coming.

I don't think people get it.

I know I have boards this year okay. I KNOW. I don't need people reminding me every two minutes every SINGLE day.
As if I need every auntie to go, "Beta, boards hai iss saal!"
As if I need the whole world's advice.
As if I need my every action dictated by the fact that I have boards this year.

They say it like its a disease, that I have to be cautious.

As if my whole life depends on these exams, as if I'm bound to collapse into a big heap of nothingness if I don't score well in 'boards'.
I don't care what anyone says, I WORSHIP Kapil Sibal for scrapping them off.
9th is so lucky. They have Gardening as a subject. Gardening. I want to Garden.

This sucks.
Maths sucks.
Life sucks.

Oh and, support Shah Rukh Khan in his stand against the incredibly stupid Shiv Sena.

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9 Reflections:

soin said...

but i thought you would have had enough practice in selective deafness by now.boards as in 10th or 12th? and beti boards hai iss saal..go study.dont

Ketan said...

While some other exam, but not tenth class boards, can have a significant effect on one's career, whole life never depends on one or even all exams. The difference is subtle, but those who appreciate it, are the ones most likely to enjoy their lives.

And here's a cheesy line to go with it (my creation, and I suspect I have told you before):

"Life cannot wait for exams".

And I will not support a cunning SRK against a cunning Shiv Sena. Both are attempting to manipulating people's emotions. To get influenced by any one of them would be gullible.

HaRy!! said...

am gonna join SRK for sure!

Sherry Wasandi said...

I remember being in your place. I used to be the epitome of a geek, complete with huge, watery glasses and nose dunked in the age-old R.D. Sharma and the likes.

I had maths classes at 5 A.M. in the blistering cold month of January, and pretty much gobbled up all that Lakhmeer Singh/Manjit Kaur and half a dozen other reference books(including the awful "Together With.. series" when it came to Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Then I opened my board exam question paper and realized that I already knew the answer to every question without even having to solve it. I was grossly over-prepared and would have been better off just reading the minuscule NCERT books, without having tortured myself all year and abandoned all other pursuits.

My result was too good to be true, and I was ridiculously happy. And then having crossed the aim I had set for myself, I gave up studying like a maniac forever and scored a mere 78% in my 12th. This was a very steep fall in comparison to my 10th, but I realized that neither of them actually mattered. Absurdly good marks, or average ones.

I wish I had someone to tell me this, at that point in time. However, while you're at it, do the best you can. A 95% can never hurt if you're not compromising your life for it. And all you need are some good sessions with the NCERT books to score a 90 in CBSE. Sadly, most of us overdo it, and miss out on the very basic things from which the question paper is then drafted.

This be my story, which I might turn into a blog post someday.

Good luck.

Ketan said...

And when's your exam starting? All the best!

Bikram said...

he he he YEah I am with you .. ALL exams should be scraped ... I hate exams toooo


Mishika said...

Best of luck. Heard the datesheet is out. Start on 5th with Sst right?
and i want a 95+ in Maths. Im not kidding.

U need to be updated. Ive found my soulmate :P
im sending u a mail. read it and get back asap.

Srishti said...

@Soin: Selective Deafness. You know, that is a VERY good idea. :) Boards of 10th. Last batch :(
Andd, I KNOW!!

@Ketan: Well, you're right. But i didn't mean that in the literal sense of course! They do. I think.
And hey, that line's not cheesy at all! Its really good...and no you haven't told me that before. Thanks! :)
And hey, SRK's not cunning...he's the good guy. He was being victimized! He won! In your face stupid, Thackery!

@HaRy: Atta boy! Or guy. Or ,insert your age here> old.

@Sherry: Now that is extremely awesome advice Sherry. :) I'll be sure to remember it forever. Although I don't think I'm overdoing it...under-doing is the appropriate word. If thats a word at all. Don't worry, I could never compromise my life for Boards! I still watch Heroes, Lost, Bones, Ugly Betty and American Idol every night! :D
Thanks! :)

Srishti said...

@Ketan: Fifth of March. Thank you! And what about your PG exams? How'd they go??

@Bikram: Hi-5, buddy! Exams suck. :D

@Tutul Di: Yepp, 5th March sst. 95 plus? Gulp. Will you settle for 85 plus?
So how's it goin with the soulmate, hun? :D Bifu. :D