Not Intrusted

Everyone knows that no one really studies before July after you've completed tenth (doesn't apply to science people). But the school can't let us stay at home for WHOLE three months, can it? So this is what my school does- makes us reach school at SEVEN A.M. in the morning. Yes. Seven. Because its too hot at 7: 45. It lets us off at 1. Because its too hot at 2. This would've made sense, just a TINY, TINY bit if we had something to do in school.
For example, yesterday
First Block - Played Pictionary.
Second Block- Made up plans for tomorrow's trip but then dumped them all.
Third Block- Roamed around in school.



Its like this everyday. Anyway, coming back to my post topic,

We have workshops every single day. Career Counselling. People from different organisations come everyday to make us aware of all the options we have before we make a decision. Mostly, we are told about the unconventional, lesser known careers, which is rather fun. Like yesterday, we had a guy telling us about animation. Did you know that the entire Avatar was shot in an airport hangar?!! Wait, I'm going a little off the point now.
So we have very different people coming up and talking to us. People in my school don't accept anyone new easily. They poke fun and mock them, unless they judge them cool enough to listen.

There came some people who spoke a little differently. With an accent, or weird pronunciations. Face it, nobody's perfect. There was this one guy who kept pronouncing interesting as 'intrusting' and kept saying 'You needs'. So maybe its a little funny. Once. Twice. Then you've had enough with the mockery.
This is one thing I don't get- if people speak in a different way, why does the rest of the world have such a huge problem with it? Is it the reluctance to accept someone unusual?
My dad always says, if the content in your speech is good enough, if there is power in your words, then it doesn't really matter how you say it. People want to listen to you.

Last year, we had this teacher who broke up words, like she'd say, "Consti...." Pause. "Tution." "Legis...." pause. "Lation". When she started to teach us, many people inserted a 'pation' after the consti, before she could get to tution. But then everyone started to realize, she was a really, really good teacher. The best in her subject. Soon everyone forgot about the consti, and listened to her eagerly.
New Kid started making fun of the 'intrusting' guy and I told him to get over it.
"Come on, Srishti," said New Kid. "Don't be such a Mother India."
That doesn't even make sense. How does not making fun of somebody make you a mother India? Its not even called being nice...its just plain, common, courtesy.
And the New Kid is a published author.
Go figure. :|

We were taken to an old age home today. It was nice, but I certainly can't say moving. Everyone treated them like they were time bombs, who could explode any time and start crying and narrating their life story. They looked happy enough. A girl in my class started crying. Really. She did. :|

One important point one uncle there raised was, why don't we have religious studies as a subject? Not centered on one particular religion, but a basic, common understanding of all religions. After all, religion is an integral part of any society, its important that we know about it.

He's telling us about his childhood days. :)

He's telling us a joke. Everyone was laughing crazily when he finished, but I didn't get it. Something' really, really wrong with me.

I also had to stand up and tell them how cool it was to be there! I used some really good Hindi words. :D

Also, I really, really like Regina Spektor. That woman is a genius. I love her music. Its all about Lady GaGa and Mariah Carey these days....Regina Spektor trumps all of them. Here is one of her coolest songs-

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7 Reflections:

The Blue Periwinkle said...

That is soooooooooo true!
I always thought that it was SUPER rude to make fun of such people!!
I mean,what fun do you get out of it?? Just because you are perfect!! <_<
It is ultra annoying! @_@

Have you heard "The Call by Regina Spektor'?
I L-O-V-E it! :)

AND check your mail! :|

soin said... now? i reported late for my 11th.about 20 days late.published author at this age? bloody rich kid heh? and old age homes are avoided and discovered

Mishika said...

It's technically 'cool' to judge people. I've been there so I know. You have to, have to have an opinion about EVERYTHING!

And the 'Mother India' thing is because thats the easiest one can come up with (like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, or any famous good person). It's all the same for them. It would be un'cool' to know the difference.

Was the old-age thing a part of career counselling? Or interact?

Srishti said...

@The Blue Periwinkle: Heheh, I'm glad you agree. :) And oh yeah, I've heard the Call! Its so awesome...I like all of her other songs equally well. :]

Checked and replied. :)

@Soin: Yepp, school now. And yeahh, published author at this age! And he's such a kiss ass.

@Mishika didi: Heheh, I know, right! People can be funny. The old age home trip was a part of career counselling program.

Anonymous said...

The guy you're talking about ,well he was not the only one. But the main reason why he kept on making fun of him was because he wanted a reason to talk with us.
And one more reason they made fun was because the guy was imitating an accent.
It's okay to have a different accent but a fake one is a big no no.

Clezevra said...

It annoys me no end when people go for how people are speaking over what they are actually saying... I've seen it happen enough in debates.
That's why I prefer written arguments. Then again, the quality of writing does influence opinions.
Which leads to the inevitable conclusion- maths all the way! You can't fudge equations.

Srishti said...

Anon, how do you know he was imitating an accent> How do you know that wasn't how he SPOKE? Naturally? The content in his speech was so useful that making fun of him seems completely disrespectful and stupid to me. Really.

You can't fudge equations, but equations can fudge you. :\