I'll miss you, Ma'am

Dedicated to Brinda Ma'am, the awesomest teacher ever.

So we were a mixed section. I am, or rather was, in tenth D. Here, there were nine students with French as second language and 30 students with Hindi as second language. French and Hindi classes were at the same time, so needless to say, we were thrown out of the class, since we were the minority.
Our fun started with this. Going out and looking for an empty class wastes a lot more time than waiting for the teacher to come in the class.
Ma'am, we always went in the opposite direction so you'd find us later and we'd study lesser.
We always pretended that we didn't know the class we were supposed to be in even though you told us to be there the previous day.

We knew how you loved to talk, so if we weren't in the mood to study any particular day, we thought of topics in which we could engage you. Wines, cheese, Paris, other teachers, your students, interior designing, your travels, Michael Jackson...we knew how to make you talk. And we loved you for it. And yet again, when we had spent the entire class talking about all this stuff, and the bell would ring, you'd say "Don't make me talk tomorrow, children".
And we would smile sincerely but still do that the next day.

I never got my Get Ready to class, and you still forgave me. My French notebook was an assortment of doodles, lyrics of songs, quotes, everything but French.
You always said that you'd call my parents but you never did.

Its funny, but we actually looked forward to French. Not because we could sit back and relax and just chat. But because we could do that AND study, both at the same time.
Because you became our best friend, Ma'am. Because we never could get enough of you, no matter what. Because you gave us hundreds of thousands of assignments and made us do them while consulting us about your perfume. Because we could call teachers by their names in front of you.

We love you, Ma'am. You ask us if other children mimic you and we can honestly answer yes. Then you'd laugh and tell us to show you. And we did.
You shared with us all your experience, some even personal, and told us all you could.
We came to your house to study, just before the French board, and couldn't help gasping at your beautiful house, which you had mentioned so many times before. I still remember sitting at your beautiful terrace, talking about everything.

Yes, Ma'am. You're the best, Ma'am.

All my love,

P.S. I never ate the chips of those sixth class students. Neither did I leave that note. Swear, ma'am.

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6 Reflections:

HaRy!! said...

same here... hav a chemistry teacher.... he was the best for me! cyu around!

Anonymous said...

I love you ma'am.
we'll miss you.

And I'd like to add that whenever we see you passing by or in the staff room we are so excited.

And we'll always remember your birthday. That day was a very special day for us too. You were touched and the fact that you were soo touched just made us happier.

There is so much to say about you. :)

Yes ma'am, you're the best ma'am.

Stupidosaur said...

I studied with French class too during 11&12. We were in the minority though and had to get out during French class. Unfortunately our Gujarati 'go to' classroom was fixed.But it was a few buildings away, so we goofed away some time before reaching there anyways ;)

Good to have teachers like this!

Anyways do you call some teachers 'Miss'?
"I'll ma'am you Miss" doesn't make much sense as title though ;)

Anonymous said...

And I had one too. Still have her and love her to death. Have known her for 18 years and she is like a lifeline to me. Reading your blog I just couldn't help writing. But then I think mine is different, I just cant get her out of my system. When I go to visit family once in 2 years, we have to meet, like the world wud end if I didn't and for me too this is exactly where it started...I love you Ma'am!!

Anonymous said...

miss u anjali ma'am...
Luv u 2ooooo much !!!!!!
frm- ..Sweaksha..

Anonymous said...

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