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Mishika didi tagged me in her 25 random things post, and the idiot that I am, that was the time when I did the Vanishing Act, and didn't log in for a long time (Sorry Mish didi).

So, 25 random things about me :

1) I love to smell everything. Food, books, shampoos, clothes, air, grass, flowers anything that is made up of matter- except perfumes! Ironic.

2) I once bought a set of 3 books by Discovery (Universe, Earth, Animals), and though I usually don't like encyclopedias, I LOVED the Universe one. I was addicted to it for months.

3) My childhood dream was that I wanted to be a Space-Scientist and nothing else. Ok, not so much as childhood because I am still a child (I am!). But I would KILL to be a space-scientist and be the First Woman on Mars. I'd love it. Thats why I love to look at the stars. But I grew up and learned the harsh reality. Because it is Rocket Science.

4) Since the time HT City redesigned, I haven't missed an issue. Ok, I may have missed a few, but I try not to. I love the celebrity columns (Especially Priyanka Chopra-who knew she could write so well?), the weekly columns, the small fact boxes above every page and the new and improved- smooth pages!

5) I love Christmas decorations. Like, literally. I save last years' in boxes and buy new every year. Then decorate the tree on 20th December of every year :)

6) I hear random tunes or background scores or music and they are stuck in my head. Mostly, I like them, but when a REALLY irritating song gets in my head, then its even more difficult for me to get it out. And its a really annoying habit, but once something unpleasent goes in my head, I feel that its my moral duty to let everyone else listen to it too. By singing it out loud repeatedly.

7) I really like the show The Latest Buzz. Its not popular, its not very funny, its not very intersting. Its even off air now. But I was struck by the sheer simplicity of some scenes. And an amzing soundtrack :D

8) I watch too many movies and too much TV for my own good.

9) I get bored of things too easily. Because I do them SO much once I discover them. For example, when I was in 5th, I made my e-mail id for the first time. I mailed so much and chatted so much on the Messanger, that I haven't touched either of them since I entered 7th grade.
Same with Uno. And I was addicted to the computer and internet during 5th, 6th and 7th. But then I got bored.

10) I have a strange fetish for American high schools and will not rest until I study in one for at least a month.

11) This is even stranger. I feel that I belong in New York. Haha, yeah but I do. I love New York and everything about it. I am going to live there one day, you'll see.

12) One day, I'm going to have a library. Walls and walls lined with bookshelves. And thousands of books. Or a bookstore. Except it would kill me to sell my books.

13) I can talk endlessly. Few of my nicknames include chatterbox, loudspeaker, Madame Bak-Bak ( a teacher actually made this one up and revealed it in the staff room!).

14) My friend once said that I maybe actually Anne Frank reborn as Srishti because I talk SO much about her and think about her so much (I'm foxed. Who the hell ratted her out?). Our ideas are similar, our goals, our thinking...even our lives a little bit. Thats how I am. Once I get crazy about something, everyone around me knows its history and geography.

15) My favourite childhood TV shows were Shaktimaan, Hum Paanch, Mowgli, Baloo, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Sonpari, Shararat, Small Wonder and Two of a Kind. I still follow a few of them ;)

16) I had a crush on 'Sanju' of Shaka Laka Boom Boom. So much so that when we went to Mumbai once, I managed to procure his phone number and called him until he agreed to meet up in McDonalds. I have a photo with him. I gifted him a Mickey Mouse photo frame from Pantaloons.

17) I love McDonald's. It runs in the family, you see ;)

18) I'll be ever thankful to J K Rowling for creating something as wonderful as Harry Potter. Same to Meg Cabot and Stephenie Meyer.

19) I'm a HOPELESS romantic. I'm in love with love.

20) I love Friends (the TV show) and sarcasm.

21) I don't agree with CBSE and NCERT at all. Thats why I can't concentrate in studies. The syllabus should be more practical-based than theory-based. I want them to teach us how to think beyond the boundaries. Not tell us to copy stupid experiments from lab manual to practical file. I want them to show us documentaries and films in Social Science rather than ratto-fying 100's of answers of four points each.

22) I value loyalty the most and hate pretence the most. I think you rock if you're funny, and you should be put in jail if you can't make a conversation.

23) I'm very easy to impress. If anyone takes the trouble of even trying to impress me, I'm impressed. I'm impressed by almost anything.

24) I get an inferiority complex very easily. VERY easily. I know its not a good thing, but I'm helpless.

25) I love my parents and sister the MOSTEST. They are above all for me, in this world. And then my best friend and cousins :)

And although we had to write 25, I'll add a 26th one which I think is the most important...

26) No matter what, no matter whatever crime anyone has committed, however fake or mean they are- people are ultimately good at heart. Nobody's bad. Nobody. Its just how you look at them :)


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13 Reflections:

Mishika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mishika said...


1. "Mishika didi" makes me feel way older than i am!

2. About the post:
You definitely did belong to New York in one of your previous lives. Only that can explain your obsession!
I want a library too!
The talking part is common between us.
U love love, and you love 'love stories'..I knew this one!

SrishtiC said...

Ok say sorry...Tutul then :D

Oh, I wish! I so want that t-shirt. The I <3 NY one.
Hehe...I guess I made my love for your love story pretty obvious too, eh? :)

SrishtiC said...

*ok sorry

Ketan said...

Hi again!

Reading your posts I feel I've become so old (not because of reading your posts, but remembering times when I used to think like you :) ). You'll find me too cynical for your taste. :(

Well, being 'able to make' a conversation, and having a 'pretence' aren't they somewhat similar at a level? Both involve trying to 'create' a reality. In striking a conversation one creates the impression of having something to talk about, when there'd be nothing. And well in pretending one tries to create an impression on possessing a certain quality, when it wouldn't really be there. :)

Not that I can't strike conversations--that you must have been able to make out if you tried to read my previous post on personality disorders--the one full of baloney ;)

BTW, I realized, your and my blog descriptions sound almost exactly the opposite. :)

And there was a time, maybe 6 years back, when I used to believe in your point number 26. But now I don't. But just like how science practical experiments should be more spontaneous and not learnt from a readymade guide, so should be the case with lessons to be learnt from life. :)


SrishtiC said...

You used to think like me too?
Judging from your posts, I get the perception that you are a born genius!

Cynical, yes. But I don't mind it :)

Well, by 'pretence' I meant to imply people who put on an act. Pretend to be someone else to fit in or impress someone. Its not necessary to 'create' stuff while making a conversation. I was merely referring to my dislike of boring people. Now I bet the term 'boring' would cause your mind to run double its speed.

Well, you have SO much to say about everything. But then, so do I :)

Maybe we must agree to disagree on point number 26. I'm sure there are some personal experiences backing up your belief.
But as of now, I still choose to believe No. 26.

Take Care :)

SrishtiC said...

And yeah, our blog descriptions sound opposite!
Well, you are an adult medical student and almost doctor.
And I am a still-in-high-school amateur, wannabe writer with a love for chick-lits!
Ideas gotta clash, right?

SrishtiC said...

Hold on, you ARE a doctor. Sorry if I offended you.

Ketan said...

Hi, again!

Well, I'd commented on one of the blogs if we all agree to everything, how would we have conversations? So never mind, and I'm not even implying that you'll necessarilly end up thinking like me when you're 24. First, people experience very different things, and they also experience the same things differently, meaning you and I could draw entirely different conclusions from the same situations.

Born genius--not sure! In my fourth standard my class teacher had suggested to my dad that I be shown to a psychiatrist 'cuz of her doubts that I could be retarded, and well my dad had accepted the suggestion. ;)

No, I didn't feel offended in the least. Some time back there was no indication on my blog that I'm a doctor, so I'm not particularly enamored with that designation.

Do you mind opting for a full comments' page as that would allow the reader to subscribe to comments? Also, it would be nice if you could remove word verification. I type all these comments through cell phone so it's tad inconvenient.

You know what 55 word-fiction is? If not, you would find them on my blog with tags by the same name. You might enjoy doing those and would help you improve your writing. But all this is with this assumption that you want to blog more seriously. :)


SrishtiC said...

Well, I think you'll have your own book one day : Pearls of Wisdom by Ketan!
Because I seriously agree with what you wrote about experiences. Each person has a totally unique set of experiences and no two people are ever exposed to the same things, so obviously, each person would have different thoughts about the same or different thing.

Kudos to you for putting that in words!

And ok, I'll opt for a full comments' page :)

I did read your 55-word fiction stories and they seemed very hard! But I'll try it out.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Ketan said...


Thanks for changing to the full page view, and removing verification!

Are you very much decided you want to a writer?

If you've, you may start with flash fiction, if 55-fiction is very challenging, yes, which it is. You found it difficult to understand my 55ers, or to write one yourself?

Personally, I don't enjoy writing 55ers. :) They're too restrictive.

If you go through my entire blog (which I won't recommend as I'm already afraid, I could be distracting you from studies), you'll realize my pearls of wisdom are not very sweet! Yet, seeing you in formative years of your career, I feel this particular post might help you choose your career, but more important, will help you know what to expect from your life (more so your career).

A lot of suffering people face is because of inappropriately high and/or misguided expectations from ties careers (for instance).

I'll have only one counterintuitive advice for you--do not make what you're most passionate about and enjoy the most as your career choice!

Simple logic for this--look at my blog! I no doubt, enjoy writing. I write whatever I like; I'm free to disagree with the respondents; I can choose to be boring; I don't have to be populist. But imagine, if my blog would be my source of income--I'll have to do all the things I'd hate--to keep the readers happy. If my readers want hilarious posts, I'd have to write precisely that even if my personal life were actually totally messed up.

Remember, there's nothing out of bounds to be pursued as a hobby! So ideally, for one's career, I feel, one should choose something that they moderately enjoy to do, but are not emotional about.

I'm sure no one's going to ever give you this illogical sounding advice ever again, so if it sounds rational enough, do keep it in mind while making any career-decision.

All the best!


SrishtiC said...

Thank you so much for all the advice! I will definitely try out flash fiction as you suggested!

But about choosing-something-you only-moderately-like-as-a-career:

Sure, I agree with it, but only at one point. I rather think, that if we were to choose something we were passionate about, something we were in love with as a career, we would give it our best.
Won't we actually be crazy about our work, so that work won't be 'work' anymore but 'fun'. If we did what we loved for a living, we would give it our best shot. We'd work so hard for it, simply because we LIKE doing it rather than we HAVE to do it, that the result would automatically be excellent.
If we did something we liked lesser, the result definitely won't be as good. It maybe good, but not good enough.
Because, as you mentioned in your post 'A Journey called Life', our life's goal should be to enjoy the journey rather than work endlessly to reach the destination. For enjoying the journey, we should be enjoying whatever we are doing.

I'm still foggy as to what I want to be or do in life, but I'm sure I'll figure it out in the near future!

Ketan said...

Well anyway Srishti, the advice was counter-intuitive, so I don't expect almost anyone to be convinced by it in the first place. The catch is in your assumption that if you choose a career of your choice, you'll get to do what you love! Did you read my response to Vishwas on the very same post where I explained to him about the televized singing competitions the way they're conducted nowadays? That might explain you better.

I'll give you a simple example--let's say you very passionately want to be a novelist. And in all likelihood, the publisher would want you to write sleazy or stupid romantic stuff. Mind you, I'm not implying that all that's romantic is stupid, but like all things, there can be classy romance and also crass romance! The publisher decides to remove the parts that you like the most. Still worse, you never get to write something much more profound 'cuz it won't 'sell'. And you see people praising your work, which you'd yourself know to be much inferior to what you'd be otherwise capable of writing, at public reading sessions. Imagine how you'd feel!

All this will kill your taste for writing even when you return back home, which was let's say your ONLY passion in life.

Whereas, let's say you fancy being a teacher, but are not dying to be one. You enter the class. 95% of students are not interested in your teaching. Yet, you teach only for livelihood, and you'll still find solace in some 5% students who might be interested in your teaching.

But more important, when you go home, you could always write! That'd be your first love, afterall! And you'd be carefree in writing 'cuz in the preceding hours you'd earned enough for yourself!

And sometime, when you'd be 35 or 40 and can afford to take some financial risks, you can take a sabbatical from your job and go publisher-hunting!

Well I know what I'm trying to say is best example of lateral thinking, and hence difficult to believe, and as usual, I also say that I could turn out to be wrong! I'd actually be happy in that case 'cuz it's always nice to see someone end up with something/someone they love and then keep on loving it/them. :) Afterall, I too have yet to begin my career! What I say is based only on some observation. There must be your family members, cousins, relatives, older friends who'd ably guide you in the matter.

All the best if you try your hand at flash fiction!