I've been away from my bloggy for a long time!!
Now I'm back! But I've realized something. My posts don't have to be very organised and meaningful. They can be about anything, right? In any way.
If I want to use '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' instead of '!" after a sentence, I will. Because its not a class assignment. The grammar doesnt have to be perfect. Nor the punctuation. See, I didnt put a ' after n in doesn't. I'm not going back to correct it.
I'm NOT. what? I have to write about something. Why not...summer?
Yeah, summer!

So. What I like about summer.
- Swimming: The best part, is obviously, the musty smell of the swimming pool.
-Watermelon...yumm :)
-Mausmi juice: There is nothing more fresh and pure in this world :)
-Summer camps and classes
-Lemonade. Well, who doesn't like that?
-Being vella all day.
-So much time to watch movies and read books.
-Going to cousins' house! :D
-Ice-cream. Well, DUH.
-That feeling when after walking in the sun for a long time, you enter an air-conditioned store...aaahh...
-Summer TV. When all the channels change the lineup of shows. Airing new shows et al...
-Family vacations!
-The sweet satisfaction of 'sweating it out all day' even if you did nothing at all. Well, you did sweat it out. The Sun, hello?
-Clear skies
-Sad trees. Because you know they'll be all bright and shiny when the monsoon arrives
-We do it less frequently now but still : Playing all evening, well into the night then having water and splashing it on your face. Or better yet, standing beside a sprinkler :D

Until next time! (Which won't be long I promise)

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