My Friend Alisha :)

Sometimes, even I can't find myself in this photo.
Oh wait...there I am! And there! Spot me :D

I think I can write a whole book on Alisha. There's so much to her.

But anybody who knows Alisha will first use the adjective 'nice' for her. The real nice.

She's so nice, so kind that it makes you feel : Why am I not like her? I remember, in our new class, there was a boy, who had a sort of mental problem. Not very severe, but enough to make him anti-social. He didn't talk to anyone in class and kept to himself. He knew about nobody, nobody knew about him. Early in 9th, Alisha once said to me "I feel so bad for Vishal. He's so lonely all the time". And I hadn't even noticed him yet! How shallow that made me feel.

I know she wouldn't agree, but whenever you talk to her, you get this inferiority complex. Not because she's so pretty, which is a valid reason too. But because she thinks for everyone. She feels for everyone, which has become quite uncommon in this self-obsessed world. If you're sad, she'll be sad with you. When you're happy, she'll be happy for you. When you're crying, she'll cry with you. And its not pretence. Its all genuine :)

But its not like she's a big bag of Mother Teresa! On no, she can be naughty too. Sometimes, its so much fun to be with her. I remember that in French classes, we-the french students, had to go and study in a different classroom. We were just 10. So we used to sit in the middle wing, in 6th or 7th. And the kids in those classes used to get loads of packets of chips and kept those in their desks. She used to eat all their Chips and FunFlips and whatever, and once she even put a note in their lunch boxes which said "Sorry ki humne tumhaara khaana kha liya, magar hum 100 saal se bhooke the" ! Its a different matter that she left money in place of those. But its French naa, she had to eat something!

Another thing which always amazed me about her was the amount of passion with which she loved the person she loved. In spite of the fact that he broke her heart repeatedly, she loved him . She gave all she could to that relationship, but unfortunately, it didn't work out. Everyone loved her- except the one whom she loved.

And the way she loved her dog! He was her best friend, Dollar , whom she liked to call Dollu , Dolly, Dolchu and whatnot :) He misses you too, Lishu.

She is one of my closest friends, and will remain so. Forever.

But here comes the twist in the tale.

On the night of 20th June 2009, Alisha with her family, moved to Maryland, USA leaving behind all she had ever known. The little world she had created in fourteen years, she had to leave. And start all over again. It was time for goodbyes.

You will be missed lisha, very much :')

All my love,


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4 Reflections:

alisha said...

shittt...i love this so much..
and i love you...
is tht the way sum ppl feel abt me? wow!!!
u write so srishtu <3
and tum bhi bohot achhi ho :D

my dollu miss me.. :(
and mrinal is a jerk..i loved him so much.. goona hv a blued eyed , emo cut boyfriend :D

tum itna acha kaise likh sakti ho? im nt sooo nice..
srishti u r a sweetheart....i love you..
hmm and i loved ur letter.. it was soo nice..
:D :D
srishtu kishtu..u r the bestttt <3

SrishtiC said...

I love you Lisha :)

Blue-eyed, emo cut! Just like The Spectator, remember? :P

You are a sweetheart too. And I love you more :)
Ty :)

Ketan said...


Am I intruding here? But then, I'm audacious!

I'd have also valued what you value in Alisha.

And this was a really well written piece, mostly because your feeling were genuine. :)

Wish both of you a happy, longlasting friendship!


SrishtiC said...

Thank you! :)