A few days ago, I caught up with a friend. 'Friend' may not be the correct term, but whatever. "We broke up", she said. "Ohh" was all I could say. And then I was shown something which horrified me. "See, I did this", she says. I see a distinct 'M' carved on her stomach. She had cut herself with a knife, the shape M and was actually happy about it. And it was pretty large. "Oh my God! What have you done?!" I yell, freaked out. "Relax, its nothing. I got a tetanus, you know" she said with a wink. Some achievement. What kind of thought process would actually make someone do something like that? I'm all for eternal love, but this? I actually plan to get a tatoo (way, way into the future). The name of my One True Love, you know ;) But to cut myself for a JERK? No way :O


My maths teacher reminds me of Boman Irani from Mai Hoon Naa. I have NEVER met a more scatter-brained and absent minded person in my entire life. Some of her pearls of wisdom include:

Ma'am: (Angry because nobody is studying) : 9th D...

Class: Ma'am 10th D!

Ma'am(?): 10th D. You are the worst section of 9th...


Ma'am: Q10 is the last exercise of this chapter...


Ma'am: You have to show the working, as in you don't have to show the working...


Ma'am: Srishti, start writing and top stalking...



Maybe someone threw laughing powder over everyone, because this month is turning out to be the most Hilarious month EVER! The only thing I did sincerely all month is laugh. Well, laughter is the best policy. Wait, that was honesty. Wasn't it? Anyway, He Who Shall Not Be Named swallowed a nail today :D


The weather's pleasent, the company's beautiful so how can I help not smiling? Slowly, I'm learning to face my fears and work on them, trying to prioritize and failing, and also trying not to be sad about D-Day, which is getting closer everyday.


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4 Reflections:

Mishika said...

U have stupid friends around. You should have just slapped her!!!

And who is this maths teacher? Is s/he new? How come we never had her/him??

And finally, what is it with th beautiful company?

Srishti said...

I so wanted to! But she'd still think that she was right.

Maths teacher...Rekha Pillai? Total namooni :D Should be sent to a museum. (hope she doesnt stuble across this by chance)

beautiful company...sunder log, sunder nazaarein :D

Mishika said...

Then send her to me. I'll fix the wiring gone wrong!

And Rekha Pillai wasn't like that when i was there. She never taught me, but I did this whole month-long workshop with her! That was way back in 9th but. Best of luck with her. :p

Srishti said...

Haha...she lives in this area only. Maybe you know her...she's known for her, ahem, forwardness :D

Haha...Rekha Pillai. She's lost her screws. But I have to behave in her class...she heads I-Decide!
Thanks anyway =]