Dil titli saa...

Commercials on TV are of all kinds. Some are funny, some are meaningless, and some make you search, look for the meaning. But...very rarely does a commercial stay with you, long after you switch off the TV (yeah I know, TV Philosophy! :P). The commercial I'm going to be writing about is not anything genius. There have been far better commercials in the TV World. But...

I think almost everyone must have seen the Airtel ad. Here's what happens:
Small Saif meets Small Girl. He wants to be friends, so he gives her a friendship butterfly locket. She accepts it. They become friends. But suddenly, Small Saif has to leave the town forever, for some unknown reason.
Many years later.
Small Saif is now big. He is lying on the bed, gazing at the photograph of Small Girl, who must've grown up now too (henceforth referred to as the Butterfly girl). He decides to go back and look for her. Woh fira yahaan wahaan, but couldn't find her. He passes by some kind of protest, and notices a girl in pink shirt. She gestures him to move forward. He does. Now home, or Hotel, whatever, he switches on the TV. On the news is the same protest and the girl in Pink Shirt. But the picture quality of Airtel Digital TV is so good, that he notices a butterfly necklace around the Pink Shirt Girl's neck. Its the Butterfly Girl! His when-I-was-a-Boy best friend! He rushes there immediately.
He reaches. He's about to go and talk to her when SUDDENLY, suddenly...Kareena passes by. Apparently, Saif's never seen a girl THAT pretty, because he can't keep his eyes off her. Now there are two things he can do: Revert back to his original plan- reunite with the Butterfly Girl OR...go and talk to Kareena. And it BROKE my heart to see that he chose Kareena.
Butterfly girl just shakes her head.

But, why, WHY in the world would he choose Kareena over his long lost best friend? Why? Is that how guys are? Ready to ignore a lifetime of friendship for a Kareena they've never seen before? Unless he was psychic and suddenly got a vision that he would marry her in the future, I can think of no valid reason backing his action. Do guys get distracted THAT easily? He came with the purpose of finding his friend. He found her, but chose to forget her just because he saw Kareena. Well done, Saif. Kareena is SO lucky.

I don't know why, but it made me incredibly sad.

Signing off as a faith-loser in Mars,

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20 Reflections:

Misanthropist said...

May be because Kareena is his present. Wouldn't it be unfair if he left her? Now saying that, I too somewhere resound your opinion. But then somethings re just not meant to be or let's put it like this-there are meant not to be. May be that girl will find someone a lot better :))

Ketan said...

Hello Srishti!

First, thanks for raising my GK, I've not watched TV in ages! No wonder, haven't watched that ad.

Coming directly to the most pertinent issue--YOUR CONCLUSION!

If you've drawn it from what you've also otherwise seen in life, then it's alright, but if you've drawn it merely from an ad (which you must've not :) ), then, you need some professional counseling! :P

A very important clarification--I don't believe in any kind of communalism (click), so I'm not taking it as a male v/s female issue at all. :)

There was a time, when I used to be a misogynist of sorts. I think everyone, at some point in time harbors a hatred towards the opposite gender, and it becomes necessary to generalize to iron out the exceptions only to cling to our prejudices!!!

But as I grew up and came in contact with more people, I realized men and women aren't so different, afterall! Is Kareena not the same person who'd betrayed Shahid? No, I'm not being accusatory, merely statistical!

There a few differences that I've found between the two genders, though, but again, these are only subtle tendencies, you'll actually find a vast majority actually escaping such generalizations, and of course, I could be wrong!

1. The average intelligence of girls and boys is exactly the same! Though, I find a wider variation in intelligence of guys, meaning I've encountered guys with exceptional intelligence (mostly on the net) that totally awes me.

But I hardly encounter such females! But then, at the other end of the spectrum, I do find totally dumb guys whose highest intellectual effort could only lead them--"maar daaloonga, saale!", or "she's a total babe--I'm just going to **** her silly at any cost, and show who's the 'man'!", or "I'm the best, and whoever doesn't agree with me is a fool!". You'll find fewer females at this unintellectual end of the spectrum. Maybe, that's why you find so many guys getting through into IITs every year as against girls, but girls tend to do better at the board exams. And that's the reason, so few females end up getting the Nobel prize, especially in science and economics.

2. Girls are more law-abiding and professional. I've seen females are less likely to indulge in corruption and nepotism. That's possibly because they have fewer social pressures to 'choose' a certain career as compared to boys, and so end up in careers they actually love....

Ketan said...

...Most of the parents would've nothing short of an heart attack to know their son wanting to become a painter, writer, social worker--where there'd be lesser 'guarantee' of a decent earning. But this law-abiding nature is what might be also making girls more loyal. There's one more difference between the two genders--guys hate monotony more than girls do. It is reflected so easily in their keeping their rooms untidy, wearing shabby clothes, not completing their assignments, not doing very well at exams that require persistent, monotonous memorizing. This probably gives an idea why girls are more apt to 'resign' to their 'fate' and instead bearing the monotony of relationship better than guys.

But that was only about the possible gender differences, and there's an entirely different aspect of reasons a relation fails. You'd agree that if a relationship breaks quite early in its course, there must be some insincerity involved, right?

Is insincerity only to say that you love someone, when you really don't? Is it not insincerity to believe that lie despite all the telltale signs of it being precisely that--a lie? Or to believe it to be true despite not finding a strong bases for love to exist? We've had this difference in opinion before also that love is indeed a thing to be dissected, in my opinion. It's momentary attraction that's difficult to reason out, but mind you, not impossible. But love has definite reasons that greatly extend beyond 'missing that first beat' on seeing him/her.

When we don't find tangible attributes of permanence, and yet find ourselves falling in love, what we're actually falling in is a trap! Something without a base naturally stands on a very shaky ground, and should it be suprising if it collapses some day? Whenever someone says--"Oh, his smile's chooo cuuute!", and that 'he' in turn thinks "I love her (because of her) b**bs (sic)!", and get into a relationship trying to put off the 'thinking part' because of the instant gratification that smile/b**bs offer by making a light of it saying "love acts in mysterious ways; I don't know but he/she had that 'X'-factor", are they not overlooking something [there's nothing more or less obscene about liking someone for their smile v/s b**bs; both are equally indicative of someone's actual character, i.e., not at all indicative]?...

Ketan said...

...Overlooking the fact that if that guy would start liking someone else's b**bs and breaks, his smile would start appearing vulgar and sinister rather than cute, and if the girl starts liking some other more 'macho' guy leaving for him, our jilted lover-boy will start finding the same pair of b**bs nothing but lump of fat (which they anyway are!). I hope, you get the drift, if you don't you'll anyway get it someday. It's actually difficult to learn from 'second-hand' mistakes. We're destined to learn only from our own mistakes, not others'! ;)

Okay, bahut ho gayee serious baatein! Here's some trivia for you:

1. It was found that scientifically, love is not but different from addiction to some narcotic drug! It leads to the release of same chemicals in the brain, has the same withdrawal effects, and results in same craving when a relationship ends. Hence, many people are most 'vulnerable' to fall in love immediately after a break up.

2. The 'thrill' of love in majority of cases lasts only for 6 months. And at the very most, 1 year. Beyond that love enters its 'monotonous' phase, and that's when the partners are most likely to 'discover' the others' nasty habits "they just can't stand!". Also, many people unknowingly, seek only the 'thrill part' part of love--the chase, the uncertainty, the sense of accomplishment, and not the comfort, and a kind of certainty that comes with the second phase. As I told you priorly, the thrill part of love is like any drug of abuse, they develop 'tolerance', and need the same drug/thrill in incrementally higher 'doses', and so are very likely to break up after those 6 months are over. Possibly, the same people have a more thrill-peeking persona, and are more apt to have some or the other addiction, say smoking.

3. Girls tend to like different kind of guys at various stages of their menstrual cycle (actually, ovarian cycle)--more adventurous/masculine guys close to the time of ovulation (so that their kids could be 'strong' physically and in times of early men, have better chances of survival), and sedate/nurturing guys just at the time around their menses (more so if they conceive), so that they'd have a male partner to take care of kids, if and when they have them!...

Ketan said...

...4. Healthiest babies are produced when two people like the odor of each others' sweat (actually, pheromones), which basically indicates how genetically disparate the two would be, thus giving greater genetic 'variety' to their babies and better survival chances. Thus, we're less likely to get attracted to someone whose sweat smells the same as ours!

Hope you'll enjoy this trivia. And please excuse, the rest of my rant, if you don't approve of it. But somehow, I also feel, if even 1 percent of my rant stays back in your brain, as less unworthy baloney, and if that helps you understand and face the world better, I'd consider my purpose served. Take care.

PS: Thinking of the length of your post and the comment it induced from me, I can only think of 'The butterfly effect (click)!'

Srishti said...

@Misanthropist: Hi! Actually, in that ad, Saif had seen Kareena for the first time. They were not going out at that time, hence his action, to me, seemed, typical male. Haha...yeah, I hope that girl finds someone better too :)

Srishti said...

Ketanji, you have too much free time :P
Your comment is LONGER than my post :|

Okay so...the conclusion which I've drawn is not merely from the ad ofcourse!

You don't think that men and women are different? So does that mean that you don't believe in the Mars/Venus theory? I think they are VERY different...but well, thats my own opinion.
Kareena did betray Shahid, but I have taken ONLY the ad in consideration. Since you haven't seen the ad, I'll point out a very important fact:
Apparently, in the ad, Saif had seen Kareena for the FIRST TIME in his LIFE. He chose Kareena over the Butterfly Girl, just because she looked prettier or whatever.

Srishti said...

Thanks for the was quite interesting, although, TOO much explict content for my blog!
Thanks =]

Mishika said...

I hate the ending too. By the way, I need to update u!

I might just be in looovvee (Dil titli!!) :)

Misanthropist said...

umm he saw kareena for the first time? I thought she was his girlfriend already then!.. will have to check it again! btw i follow ur blog :) keep writing!

Srishti said...

@Mishika: In love? :O Ooohhhhh!!
Long time, no text :(
I'll text today...tell me verything!! :)

@Misanthropist: Haha...yeah, I know you follow it =] Thanks!

Stupidosaur said...

I thought the ad was genius!

If you just hear the soundtrack (first time I was drinking water in canteen, out of sight from canteen TV) its very nice and catchy. (That itself makes the ad register so strongly in people's mind)

Next when you see it, there is all the senti stuff initially. Lil smiling boy and girl that make people go awwww, make young kids who sorta have such 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' totally connect to it, grown up married and in love ladies would go all gooey mushy about it and influence their husband/boyfriend to get the Airtel digital.

But then of course, there is the cynical section of people, who scorn the ads selling us the fake, pink and pretty 'good life'.

So just when such audience are about to start yawning at the fairy tale ending of how the product unites 'two lost soulmates' (:P) they bring in the final twist!

It does one of the three things
1) Makes the senti types go why why why! (And registers the ad more strongly in their mind)
2) Makes the cynical types get up and take notice (Thus again registering the ad more strongly in their mind)
3) Makes the Stupidosaur types laugh uncontrollably at the sarcastic and unexpected humour (thus again registering the ad more strongly in their mind.

Further, the audience is going to start thinking about the cast, and how apt it is. Saif has betrayed his 'bachpan ka pyar', ie. his ex-wife whom he fell in love with when he himelf was quite a bachcha (compared to his wife's age then) and. Kareena betrayed Shahid, who I am sure she finds quite 'immature' and bachcha type compared to the older Nawab :P.

Such related thinking would further register the ad more strongly in people's memory, even after it is over! Its a genius ad. Not only does it catch attention in everty possible way, and of every kind of target audience, but it also present a real selling point - clear picture. Some ads on the other hand are total baloney telling nothing meaningful about the actual product :P

Besides, why am I having a gut feeling that Saif and Kareena might have influenced the storyline of the ad? Maybe it initially had Saif reuniting with buttergly girl. But probably Kareena (more likely) or Saif (quite likely too) intorduced this idea as a joke. Being such superstars, anyways their opinions might have found very little resistance. And this was a good idea anyways (like I explained). So totally accepted by the ad makers.

Or maybe it was reverse, the story was already plotted out by today's catchy ad makers. And then they found the perfect real life kameena star cast for it!

I quite believe Saif and Kareena to be a hedonistic couple, quite cynical of both each other as well as the senti mushy looove stuff :P

Stupidosaur said...

I am sure Saif Kareena would ditch one another as soon as Saif gets out of his anti-ageing mode or Kareena ages normally as se becomes older :P.

Srishti said...

Stupii. I loved the ad too. And from the aforementioned reasons, you have convinced me that the ad was genius. I agree.

Except I'm never buying Airtel Digital TV because SAIF IGNORED THE BUTTERFLY GIRL!

And the soundtrack's good naa...dil titli. :D

Ketan said...

Srishti, thanks for reading my above comment!

I did point a few important differences between girls and guys, right? I think these differences would further diminish with time as parents would get more relaxed about what would 'people' say about my child, if he/she doesn't fit one of the gender stereotypes! :o

Yet not seen the ad (TV also, for that matter :( ), but I entirely agree with Stupidosaur's analysis.

Also, you should try to write posts long enough that none of the respondents' comments could be longer than the post. See, fifty percent of respondents hat written comments longer than your post! :P


Anonymous said...

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