Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

No, not the Cyndi Lauper song. Because girls do just wanna have fun. Atleast I do. But the song is nice too. And so is The Way You Look Tonight by Tony...hold on, I forgot his name. Tony something. Or something else. And I've recently discovered, that the lyrics to the song One in a Million by Miley Cyrus (tsk all you want but everyone secretly likes her) are true. So much that it is actually freaky. Like:

"They say that good things take time, but really great things happen in a blink of an eye"
Which is like, SO TRUE. 11th of August was an amazing day. So amazing that I had forgotten that such amazing days even existed. I think that all the amazing things happened because I woke up at 5:45 in the morning and absorbed all the positive energy along with the fresh air. Really, you wouldn't believe how much your-day's-gonna-be-good-today energy is getting wasted each day. I've vowed to get up early each day from now.

On a different note, I've completed P.S. I love you which was funny and sad at the same time and started Gone With The Wind which is interesting and boring at the same time. Interesting because of the famous Scarlett-Rhett love story and boring because, I really can't relate to it. And also, I found out that Crimson Tide is really not that boring as I thought it would be. Its pretty good actually. So quoting Denzel Washington,
"In my humble opinion, in the nuclear world, the true enemy is war itself"

Who agrees with it? Raise your hand!

*Raises hand*

And what about John Lennon? He, I think, is the one who deserves to be quoted. Didn't he say that Beatles were more popular than Jesus? Sheesh. Some nerve. Not that he is necessarily wrong. Another one of his famous quotes

"A part of me suspects that I'm a complete loser and the other part thinks that I'm God Almighty"

Huh. I could say that for a lot of people.

The weather's nice. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is facing some stiff competition ;) My dad's promised me some good kite-flying lessons.

The actual fun part of going to school is doing what you are not supposed to do. So in no particular order, my favourite things in school is:

-Being thrown out of the class with friends. Makes the day worth coming to school.

-Eating while the teacher is teaching. Food never tasted better.

-Laughing at nothing in particular. And once when you start laughing, absolutely cannot stop.

-Roaming around in the corridors. Why else were they made?

-Some nice, pretty sights ;)

-Swings. So what if I'm almost 16?

-Canteen lemonade :D

-And obviously, when you can't stop giggling while you're getting scolded. Its SO not Jungle mein Mangal, I tell you.

Tab tak ke liye, shampa khair, khuda haafiz, goodnight kal milte hai, isse samey par

aur dekhte rahiye Kaun Banegaaaaa....Crorepati.

*tadadada...KBC's music plays*

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2 Reflections:

Mishika said...

I had so much to comment on till I came to the last part, but now I really don't. I just miss school too much, miss my corridors, my classes, my pretty sight :), my friends, my canteen!

It isn't mine anymore..**sob** :( :( :(

Srishti said...

Hawww...sorry :(

It is yours...don't say that!
Once a dipsite, always a dipsite.
Haww...I'm really sorry if it got back all the memories and all :(

But now you have college naa!
And you're doing so well and have so many more new friends...dun worry :(