Fighting...but for what?

When I was in Second (Or Third or Fourth, I don't remember clearly), there was a boy in my class named Akshat Bhandari. He always sat on the second-last seat in the second last row. We used to have 'seats with partners'. I always wanted to sit with him, and so did my friend Ashna. We both wanted to sit with him so much, that we started fighting over it. I came to school early so that I could be his partner. Ashna would come, give me an angry look and stalk off. And some days she'd come early. We both got so into this fight that we even resorted to some really, really desperate measures. We would push each other, pull each other's hair and a lot more. After a time, it wasn't about sitting with Akshat any more. I didn't care if I was Akshat's partner or not...all I cared about was that I had to beat Ashna to the seat. I had to have that 'in your face, I win this time' expression on me.

Often, when we're fighting, we lose sight of what we're actually fighting for. The prize at the end of the fight doesn't matter as much as the satisfaction which comes after beating others. Sometimes, maybe, its a good thing, I don't know. But usually, in this case, we fight pointlessly.
We don't care about winning the prize...all we care about is winning from them. Defeating them. Making them lick dust. Okay, thats a little far-fetched. Anyway...

When you're in such a situation like this,
Take a look around.
And then think. "Does it really matter?"

Does it really?

Akshat left the school the following year (not because of us, I hope). And I really, really hope you don't read this Akshat. I'm not that crazy now.
Also, I'd like to apologize to Ashna, wherever she is now.
I'm sorry. Twice we both wanted the same partners (remember in KG when Akshay came to sit with me? I'm not still gloating over this, swear).
Anyway, you can have both of them now. It doesn't matter to me.

Is this what they call 'closure'? ;)

All my love,

P.S. If you're from Ahlcon, please, please, please don't read this!

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15 Reflections:

soin said...

with the pic u put up ..these animals will fight.. and when its over they just walk off as peacefully as they can..matter resolved. no more snarls and all. and humans..after fighting the winner gloats and the loser floats stuff..the worst part of fighting comes after

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

really really liked what you wrote there....something that all of us know, in some crevice of our minds, but takes a lot of time to actually be put into practice !!

hahaha.....the incident reminded me of the time when i was ur age, which was 3 years was fun !!
enjoy being doesn't come back (but u already knew that, no ?)

P.S.the profile pic u've put up....Great India Place, right ?

Misanthropist said...

Akshat left the school the following year (not because of us, I hope)
Lol. couldn't stop laughing!
And the post was a great thought conveyed in the simplest way.
Sometimes, we place our egos above everything else.

Tangled up in blue... said...

You know what? This same thing happened to me in my school too..way way way back in sixth standard..

I had this really good friend, Komal, and she and I both had a royal crush on this really cute guy called Kunal and we were made to sit according to our roll numbers, so she always got to sit with him..and that made me very jealous of her..and she'd bicker with me coz I'd sit with him when she was absent and all that..

We laugh about it every time we see him now..

People can be so silly na?

I think it happens in every co-ed! ;)

Fighting just so we feel better about ourselves if we land a defeat on the other, is so pointless..

Very cute/funny/awesome post! :)

And I love to see these flashes of great wisdom interspersed with stuff like..

"Anyway, you can have both of them now."


Wow, you've gained closure AND turned into Confucius! :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

Oops..really long comment there.. :D

Srishti said...

@Soin: Can I ask you something? Why do you write 'free' after every comment? I don't mean to offend you or anything, just curious. :)

@The Tragic Life Of Pi: Hi!!
Thank you! Its just one of those things which you know, but don't really use or apply it, right?
Haha...yup, I am trying to enjoy being guys make it a lot more enjoyable. :)
And yes! This is Great India Place! You've been there? You live in Delhi? Haha, this is sooo cool. :D

@Misanthropist:'re so cutee! And thanks =]

Srishti said...

@TUIB: Haha...poor Kunal! Oops, did I just say 'poor'? I meant lucky! ;)
Haha, yeah...we are all so silly sometime. :)
Yesss!! Closure and Confucius!
Eeeee! You're so nice :))
Thank you!!

soin said...

no let me inform u that ur the 356575667th person to ask this.. so see

Srishti said...

Now I get it.

Ketan said...

Wow! Your life was so complicated in second and third standards! And now it's become simpler. Well, that's one of the best kind of progresses one could make with time! :)

Whereas, I used to think all the time what new excuse would I give my parents for not doing my classwork, and to the teacher, for not doing my homework!

Wish you a simple and happy life! :D


Ketan said...

Also, please also put English translation for your French labels. Sometimes, the paranoid me thinks they are all abuses hurled specifically at me, though I'd know I've not offered you sufficient reasons to actually do, but you know na, how it is with girls, especially teenage ones--they don't need 'reasons' to do things! ;)

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

I read your article once again.
If i'll be honest here - Your writing is very mature for a 16 year old . the kinda maturity the I dont think I have even now .
4 thumbs up (2thumbs and 2 big toes )
And yeah, I live in Vasundhra enclave !!

Srishti said...

@Ketan: Haha. Yes, Third standard had a lot of politics and mind games. Life, I guess you can say, is simpler now. At least now we understand everything. Les lecons de la vie means The Lessons Of The Life, literally.
And hey! I am VERY reasonable. That was an exception...I just can't recall why I wanted to sit with Akshat so much. I didn't have a crush on him.
I dunno.

Tragic Life of Pi: Thaaaaank you! You see, its only my writing thats mature...otherwise, people never get tired of calling me 'immature' and 'kiddish'. I have some issues with growing up.
Thanks! =}
And oh that is sooo cool...most of the people here are scattered all across the country.

Mishika said...

I remember doing something like that too!
And about fighting, I think I've fought with everyone I possibly could and I'm yet to figure our reasons for most of them. I guess its just easier than logically talking things out, or is it?

Srishti said...

Haha...well, thats a comfort, knowing that I'm not the ONLY freak.
Hmm yeah...fighting is easier that logically taking things out. :)