Good enough?

Every so often, these thoughts, they enter my mind, sometimes strong, sometimes weak. A random photograph, a song, a passage from a book, triggers my mind and I think.

Am I good enough?

Do I have what it takes?

Will I make it?

The people around me are sophisticated, poised, shrewd. They know how to get what they want. They know how to get around. They know the way.

They’re aware of the tactics, and they don’t mind breaking the rules. Morality comes later.

They are the types who won’t mind shoving it in your face; they won’t mind clawing you to get ahead.

They have it all, people say. They have it all.

And again I think:

Am I good enough? Good…but is it enough?

And then…then the Voice spoke aloud again. The very same Voice which had helped me when I needed it, the Voice which had guided me forward when I couldn’t see, the Voice which was always by my side. The Voice which urged me to move ahead no matter what, which kept me grounded when I floated above.

And the Voice told me, as it had always done, “The only person you need to be good enough for is only, and only, you. As long as you're honest to what you do, they cannot harm you. ”

And instantly, all my doubts, fears, insecurities were washed away. All of them. As long as I knew that I did my best, that I gave it all I had, that I was the best I could be…t’would be alright. I needn’t be good enough for them. I needed to be good enough for me, and for me alone.

They are whatever they are, but I'm not bad. I have a positive outlook, loving family, supportive friends and and numerous reasons to smile.


Thats what I am.


"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it; people like me. " - Al Franken

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15 Reflections:

Tangled up in blue... said...

"I'm not bad."

That has got to be the understatement of the year! Let me say this again..

You're awesome! :)

And I think we have a bit of a mutual admiration thing here..not bad at all! :D

I think everyone's a little insecure atleast..they're just better than others at hiding it..

or maybe they're too scared to introspect, so they just avoid looking inwards altogether..

soin said...

it looks like the voice doubts itself rather than u doubting you..i cant get the part of our mind and the person being different entities. and do moralaties and stuff matter??aham

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

Content - speak it out loud !!
makes me feel a whole lot better, tell me about u !!

Misanthropist said...

thanks shrishti for writin this post.
i very much needed it. really.

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

I think I need to thank her as well !
So - Thank You !

Mishika said...

Lovely. I was in this whole phase of "sometimes even the best is not enough" for the past few weeks. I feel much better now. thanks

Ketan said...

Hello Srishti!

Well thought, and well written! And sounds weird and repetitive coming from me, 'well felt'!

I'm not sure if my post--'States of matter. State that matters.'--inspired these thoughts in you. If it did, I'm pleased to see my idea exerting what I would consider a positive influence, and also for being understood so well. :) And if these thoughts were totally spontaneous, then, an even bigger 'congratulations' becomes due to you! :)

Now as you might have anticipated, since I have nothing better to do than lazing around and thinking about myriad of things about myself, life, people and others and such trivialities, I'd done a similar post, though on a more technical tangent:

My morality

Plus, I'd like to know your opinion on the situation given in the following post:

A Moral brainteaser

Also, it would be interesting for you to read all the comments, too on the second post. Unfortunately, the poll I've mentioned in the post has expired. :(

And shall I tell you one somewhat interesting thing? ;)

I come to know of comments on your blog through RSS feeds, on which I can't see the names of ones commenting. And many times, I try to guess who the respondent must be. This once, except for one (which I could not make out at all because of his/her commenting on your blog for the first time), I could make out all the respondents correctly!

Okay, it's no big deal. I'm sure even TUIB is able to do that! Though, being a sensible girl she wouldn't try such silly things! ;)


Ketan said...

And Srishti, you'll definitely find the following post very much to your liking. It comes from a very good writer (no of course, not me! :) )

Lessons from a cat


Srishti said...

@TUIB: Thank youu! But you're too kind. :) Really.
Haha...lets do it turn-by-turn. I say "You're awesome!" and then you say, "No you are!" and then we just go on and on and on...

@Soin: Haha...why do you think that the Voice is doubting itself? Of course...there are many personalities within an can read about that in Ketan's post Insanity Person(alit)ified...right Ketan? ;)

@Tragic Life:'re welcome. :)

Srishti said...

@Misanthropist: Haww whats wrong? Its okay...anytime :)

@Mishika: haha, I read it in your status, 'The best is not enough' and I had just posted my post. And I was about to comment but then my internet disconnected. Hope you feel better now! :)

@Ketan: Thaank youuu! Now I'm getting flattered, really!
Noo, although States of Matter did make me think about stuff, I had written Good Enough some time back just like that. And since I had nothing to do at the time when I posted this, I thought I'd just post this.
Wait, does that sound right?
Okay, I'll be sure to check out all the three links.
Haha...congratulations to you for guessing the respondents! And the way you wrote it, I found it really funny. When you said that TUIB's such a sensible girland wouldn't do silly things...I dunno, I just found this really funny. :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

No no, lets do this bit,

Me: Srishti, you're awesome!

You: No, TUIB you are!

Me: Okay, we both are really awesome and we rock!

You: I totally agree!

*both beam happily*

shorter and works amazingly for my ego too! ;)

Srishti said...

Hahahaha!'re REALLY awesome!
You're like the cool big didi friend. :)

Newbie Mommy said...

No matter what, eh?

Srishti said...

Its amazing!!
No matter what.
Thank you. :)

blusky said...

everybody gets caught up there, at least for a while;
ppl forget that what others think of us isnt even half as important as what we think of ourselves!!