Shooting the Moon

There's something about The Pogues which makes you want to throw off your shoes and dance on the table.

Which reminds me of my favorite scene from Titanic.

I'm against choosing favorite movies because you can't have one favorite movie, you have a bunch of favorite movies. But Titanic is an exception to that rule. Titanic is the awesomest movie ever known to humankind on Earth.

Its so cold that my nose has turned into an abnormal shade of pink.
There's so much fog that I can't see whats five meters ahead of me at eight in the morning.
Smoke, or whatever that thing is, comes out of my mouth even at noon.
I haven't seen the sun for days. Okay not days, hours whatever.

Lesson of the day: Do not walk with your shoelaces untied because you're too lazy to bend down and tie them.

It always hurts more in the cold.

Also, a haircut and a blow-dry are a lot more effective than I gave them credit for.

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3 Reflections:

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

there's a certain freshness in your writing - don't lose it !

Srishti said...

Heyy thanks =] Don't worry, holdin' on tight. :D

Anonymous said...

The Titanic video just reminded me how much I love Titanic. I hadnt seen it for a long time but Jack Dawson's charm and Rose's elegant way of carrying herself, the music,the dance just made me smile involuntarily.