Hun. Who's the Idiot now?

While the world is going on about the brilliancy and excellence of 3 Idiots, here's what Sagarika Ghose has to say.

"The film (3 Idiots) tells us that India's system of higher education is idiotic, teachers are lisping semi-insane brutes who drive students to suicide, rote learning is always bad and the IIT's produce nothing but Lamborghini-chasing mercenaries who are only waiting to land corporate jobs in the US.
....Of course, the film is a fictionalized version of the IIT's, and perhaps a better reflection of the vast number of engineering colleges mushrooming across India, which are indeed soul-less factories where real education is substituted for cramming. And, of course, we are not meant to take 3 Idiots too seriously, as it is after all just about having an escapist laugh and not thinking too much. After all, if you think too much, you may discover that 3 Idiots is a dangerous, preachy and sanctimonious film that disdains all forms of hard work; that subliminally condemns studying as a pathetic exercise in rote learning and scorns the sadhna of higher education.
The film establishes that unless you are naturally gifted scientific genius like Ranchordas Chanchad, there's no point wasting time with your books. Then you're better off singing songs or becoming a wildlife photographer. As if becoming a 'wildlife photographer' is a sweet, extracurricular hobby that doesn't require hard work and determination and an equal amount of sadhna.
....The incredible popularity of the film shows that as a nation we are in no mood to study and are delighted that idiocy is at last legitimate.' - Sagarika Ghose

Popcorn, anyone?

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12 Reflections:

Mishika said...

I read this on her blog because our teacher had asked us to, and I so don't agree with her. Her thought are way too archaic.

Ketan said...


I'm an absolute huge fan of Aamir Khan, and yet I have to say this was one of HIS worst movies.

Obviously, Sagarika is quite correct in pointing out that one must not take the movie too seriously. But I agree with her only in one aspect - the "remedial" measures suggested in the movie are quite absurd.

But the movie's depiction suffered from the same flaw that Taare Zameen Par had albeit to a much higher degree - that of ridiculing some of the characters to such extremes that seem unreal. Of course, TZP did this only to a few teachers. In 3 Idiots, this treatment has been meted out to more number of characters, and as I just said to a more extreme degree. For instance, the depictions of Professor Sahastrabuddhe (assuming you've watched the movie) and Chatur were such that they had been converted to absolute caricratures.

Sagarika in her review has tried too hard to stand out from the crowd - very characteristic of her, though :)

Watching the movie I did not feel that Farhan's (Madhavan) passion of photography had been depicted with contempt. Rather, I felt the treatment was quite sensitive.

Also, Sagarika missed out a vital detail from the movie - nowhere does it show Aamir Khan as a born genius. It is Sagarika's prejudice that she considers engineering-innovations as signs of genius. Otherwise, the movie only shows that one should try to follow one's passion and that original thinking ought to be encouraged in favor of blind obedience to the teachers, who are representative of an oppressive forces that just seek to throttle any prospects of their displacement from positions of prominence, which could come in form of innovative ideas from the so called novices.

I don't know if Sagarika has been to celebrated institutes like the IITs to suggest that innovation is not discouraged there!

But I think all those who are terming this movie "brilliant" too are going overboard. It was a nice entertaining movie, with really good acting by all the actors involved. The appropriateness of facial expressions was much better than in any typical Bollywood movie.

I would of course like to clarify that though I've pointed out so many negatives of the movie that is simply because I keep my bar for Aamir Khan pretty high. This of course a much better movie than the typical Bollywood fare, and at least it succeeding so well is sign of a better trend than the even crasser Yash Raj and KJo movies!

BTW, why did you simply not link to the Sagarika's review. And, I did not understand what YOU wanted to state through this post. :P

Take care.

Srishti said...

@Tutul Di: Her thoughts ARE kinda archaic, because she seems really angry about the fact that teachers and IIT's are made fun of so much.

@Ketan: I don't really agree with you that this is HIS worst film. Because, Ghajini sucked. (it wasn't believable AT ALL)
TZP, although everyone loved it, didn't get to me. I really don't think its THAT good. Except for that one time, I haven't watched it again. RDB and Lagaan were really good. But I certainly don't think that 3 Idiots is one of Aamir's worst movies.
Totally, they made a COMPLETE cartoon of Chatur. But then, movies are always an exaggerated form of real life, aren't they?
Yeah, I thought that too, that since everyone's appreciating the film, why not take a dig at it?
But I think she has provided some very valid points.
No Ketan, actually if you read the whole article, she makes a reference to the IIT festival, Mood Indigo, which showcases the talent of poets and artists and all on their campus. By which she's trying to prove that engineering colleges DO NOT suppress these kinda things. The movies does suggest that we should follow our passion, but if you do look closely into it, it also kinda implies that if you aren't able to get the engineering thing, then you should just give it up and pursue your other interest. Whereas I feel that with a little interest, perseverance and hard work, one can make it.
Of course, the movie isn't brilliant, it is much, much better than an average Bollywood movie.
And what do you mean by 'appropriateness of facial expressions'?
And btw, I think KJo movies rock. :P Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic.
I didn't link the review because many people (including me) are too lazy to follow up the link provided. :D
I think the viewpoints in the film, and in the review are exaggerated.

Bikram said...

Oh yes Well said .. it is true though, sitting in the cinema we had a hearty laugh..
But then I will also say at least the film guys have brought out the issue, how many of us thought this way before we saw the movie .. SO the movie too did good in making us realise good or bad what ever it is .. but we did realise something ...

Srishti said...

Well, thats true. Everyone knows there are flaws in the system but the film helped in highlighting the issue. :)
Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

It wouldnt be appropriate if I said the movie was good or bad or exaggerated to the point of incredulity since i havnt seen it. But what I would like to say is that there is a an air of arrogance in Aamir Khan which makes me dislike him whenever I see him or maybe its because of his animosity with SRK. Ghajini was the biggest hit last year! how?
It really sucked with the tattoos and camera and clicking a photo every 15 minutes.
But Aamir does act well.

HaRy!! said...

am yet to see this movie... but thanks anyways at least :)

Stupidosaur said...

I am the only one here who has seen neither TZP, nor Ghajini nor 3 Idiots.


Rohith.R.Das said...

Enough of hullabaloo...I did't see any soul running out of the theatre with a pistol, after watching the great Rang De Basanti, to get rid of all those tainted demagogues. If so, the country would have been saved!! These days, people aren't 'foolishly' idealistic to be 'misled' even by an evocative, sensitive work of art.

By the way, it is atrocious to say that the film is Aamir's WORST!! It must be remembered that he began taking a liking for the so-called socially relevant films only in the latter half of a career spanning over two decades.

I have had some very funny encounters with many a strangers who looked upon me as if I were an extra-terrestrial when they were told, "I am a literature student". They'd ask,"But, why not engineering or medicine? Lot of scope...blah blah blah..."
Among the nine of my closest schoolmates, seven now are prospective engineers and two are prospective doctors. And all of them had appeared for the entrance examinations in both disciplines!! So much for pursuing what you ''love''!!!

The bottomline:- I thoroughly enjoyed the sarcasm. I had my revenge :) I loved the film.

Dearest Ketan, please do relent by thinking that afterall, it is good at times to leave your brain at the theatre entrance and just enjoy...please let the absurd co-exist with absolute logic... I don't think Johar's and Raj's are that much crass.

Srishti said...

@Anonymous: Totally. There's an air of in-your-face-I'm-better-you-loser around Aamir.

@HaRy: Well, go see it then! You're late.

@Stupii: You haven't seen any of them? You know, skip Ghajini, see TZP if you have time and watch 3 Idiots.

@Rohith: Thanks Rohith, I agree with you whole-heartedly. :)

Ketan said...

@ Rohith:

It's not so much the lack of intellect, etc., around their movies that I don't like KJo and YashRaj movies, but their inherent predictability, oversimplification or oversensationalization, etc.

You might be surprised to note that some of the movies I like best are the spoof movies like scary movies and hot shots. Do watch them if you get an opportunity. Also, my favorite SRK movie is Badshah.

I haven't watched many of the older Aamir movies. The ones I have watched QSQT, Jo jeeta wohi sikander, Lagaan, were quite ahead for their times. In fact, I feel not many movies are made as well as jo jeeta... even today. Unfortunately I have not watched Mela (considered to be his worst movie) or Mann. I have also not watched Sarfarosh, Rangeela or Akele hum akele tum. I had just watched akele hum... in parts and thought the acting was brilliant.

And you might have missed the point I had made, 3 Idiots was definitely entertaining. No doubt about it. I don't find KJo movies entertaining also!!!! That's the problem.

vishal said...

hmm you really wanne know who is real idiot.Thomas edison,Mendel,Darwin
many other who are just doing what they like.This is what is said in the film 3 idiots "not to read the books for marks but sheer pleasure of knowledge and understanding".If you still disagree just see a movie "good will hunting"