Set Free




Well, okay, stupid MCQ's are still left. But thats just for 20 marks. On 31st. WHO CARESS??

The point is, I'm almost free from the exams which have been ruining my life since practically the whole year.
And they went smoothly. In your FACE, CBSE. Heheh.

My Leesha's back and thanks to her, the room of my wall now adorns a gianormous New Moon poster. Edward yo. :)

These few months have been very, very hard. But now, I'm ready to take on April-May-June. Which are hopefully going to be one of the best months ever.
In fact, last exam just got over today and I already snuck out to a place where minors, such as myself, are not really, umm allowed. But I didn't take part in any of the err, activities, so its cool.

Since the exams are over now and every person on this Earth who I'm even remotely associated with is very concerned about those, the obvious question now is:
What next?
What are my plans for future, and stuff like that.

Well, I, after great deliberation and negotiation, have decided to choose Humanities.
Needless to say, I've been met with a lot of skepticism, criticism and a huge amount of advice.
Many (Mostly Apoo) says that I'll be wasting my time and ruining my future and not utilizing my 'mental aptitude' to the fullest.
That I'm crazy to take this and regret my choice later.
That I'll have to live in a rented apartment with cheap momos as my dinner every night, because I'm gonna have to work really hard and will receive very little in return.
That I'll struggle and struggle my whole life and still be denied the appreciation I want and /or deserve.

All I can say is, first do your homework right and then come and talk to me.
For the first time in my life, I'm actually excited about studying something. To hell with everything else.
Of course, it is true that I'll be stuck with a bunch of dopes who'll not be able to distinguish photosynthesis from photography, but who cares.
What I'll be studying for the next two years is:
English- Everyone has to study that. I want to study that.

Maths- Which will be my death I'm sure, but its always nice to have a challenge.

Economics- Love it as of now, but lets see.

Political Science- This...should be interesting.

Psychology- CAN'T WAIT!!

I'll also be studying French and Biology, but from somewhere else.

Some may say that my choice of subjects is really not respectable, whatever, but its better than Science, where even if I spent my every waking hour studying, I'll still only be acceptable.

I met a lot of great, self-actualized people today. I wish I were like them. Hell, I wish I WERE them.

My pathetic existence never ceases to amaze me.

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13 Reflections:

Anonymous said...

you seem smart enough to know better than many.
all the best :) hope you do well, in boards, and in life..


Stupidosaur said...

humanities is outdated. study reptilities.

Anyways I never did homework, Always got written remarks from teachers to show at home..."Homework not done" So tell me what humanities is all about :)

Would you be doing social service? Become big person in UN? Handle international affairs? Become HR oficer in a company? Become politician? Just trying to guess what it holds in future ;)

Stupidosaur said...

BTW, happy huge vacation! :)

soin said...

best three months of your life from now seem happy about the college thingy.strange.maybe i should give you some six months and then you ask if you are still

Sherry Wasandi said...

Humanities is probably the only branch that allows you to EXPLORE and HARNESS your "mental aptitude" to its fullest potential. Everything else fools you into believing otherwise, while forcing you to limit, restrain, and cage your capabilities to fit into age-old molds reeking of decadence.

Congratulations! I think it is a choice well made.

P.S. I deeply regret not having considered law. It's one of the few fields of study that require you to expand your learning horizons in every possible direction. :) Humanities..aahhh...

Srishti said...

@Anonymous: Oh woww, thanks! Hardly anyone calls me smart, so its well, really nice to hear it once in a while! :)

@Stupii: They don't have reptilities in my school! :( I wish they did though, then I'd be able to understand YOU. :D
Will tell you all about it. :)

I don't know, I think I'll try my hand in social services, but can that be an actual profession or just a side thingy where you want to make the world a better place?
Haha, I am so NOT suited for UN. Once I had this Mock UN in my school and I completely sucked at it. I think it would be safe to say that no one would be stupid enough to give me any affairs to handle, international or otherwise. Rest, I'm thinking about...;)

@Soin: Noooo! You got it all wrong! I'll be starting 11th, not college? You think I sound that old? Yes!

Srishti said...

@Sherry: Thanks Sher. :) I think so too. Maybe you can do it after engineering...just a thought.=)

Misanthropist said...

Srishti, my girl, I'm very proud of you for the choice you have made and I'm completely awed by the confidence you show in your decision. BRAVO!
People talking about your "mental aptitude" don't really know that interest and self motivation in any subject are equally important.
I have my regrets of not being able to take a decision like you did. And I'm glad and very sure that you'll never have to face what I did :)
All the very bestest :)

soin said...

no not the old part. more like having choices like humanities and case i had a choice between biology computer or commerce. good for you, decent options i

Bikram said...

Ha ha ha YEah thats the way it goes.. I got told off when i opted for Humanities but I am fine now, settled , earning enough and all those who said i wont do anything in life IN YOUR FACE MATES.. :)

so all i wud say is think and decide and then GO FOR IT and DO it GOOD..

and i like your choices .. and have a mast vacation and be happyyy have FUN for soon WORK will start again :)

Ketan said...



Don't know how did I ever miss this post.

To tell you the most important thing: nothing wrong with humanities as an academic field or even just career choice, but I would suggest you be careful of the stage at which you're taking this decision.

I don't know about Delhi, but in Maharashtra, one can enter many non-technical non-scientific fields after taking up science subjects in eleventh & twelfth classes, but one can NEVER return to science to technical field after taking up commerce or humanities. So, effectively, if you take up humanities at this stage, you'll be outrightly rejecting many opportunities as career options.

Now, coming to YOU and HUMANITIES. If someone says there are less career options with humanities, then probably they're probably misinformed.

But one of the points regarding respect & ill-treatment may later become an issue in your life. Children (sorry, am including you in this category) tend to take scoldings, humiliations, contempt, etc, much better because they're used to these coming from parents & teachers. But as they grow old, into adults, ego issues start cropping up. So while, I would not say this sort of public perception or "respect" ought to be your primary concern, but do not discount it as factor altogether.

What's most important is to be able to get into best institutes in one's chosen field.

To the extent I know you, you understand people very well. Also, you can give very good & balanced advise.

This would probably make psychologist's or counsellor's jobs the best for you.

But here's the problem I'd once pointed out to you. :( Of making what we're most passionate about, the source of our income. But I guess, probably you're most passionate about writing. So counselling should not become boring for you.

The same set of skills would make law a very good option for you. The only problem with law is if you become a practicing lawyer (as against getting recruited in corporations), occasionally you might have to come in contact with shady elements of the society. Also, on many occasions you might, despite your knowledge have to help the offender & harm the victim.

I'm afraid, but at this stage you're somewhat young to realize that your career choice ought to be determined not so much by what subjects you like or not, but what kind of life would you want....

Ketan said...

...Later in life there might be concerns like how much would one want their parents to spend on education? How much would they like to earn? Would they like to get married & at what age? Till what age would they like to "study"? If they would get married, would they like to have kids. If females, would they want to work after having kids? What kind of jobs would they like after having kids - high paying, but very hectic OR low-paying, but leisurely one, etc.

Unfortunately, many of these decisions have to be taken in conjunction with one's life-partner. I hope these issues do not sound too silly to you, currently. :)

I would like to point out that very, very few people love their work currently. They might love their coworkers, their workspace, their salary, interacting with people, etc., but not exactly the work they do.

One more thing you might find satisfying could be teaching. Good thing about teaching is you can take that up as profession in almost any field! :) But yes, to be happy teacher you've to be passionate about your subject.

Lastly, if you ever regret your career-choice you could always go to the US to change your field! ;)

But considering the number of variables, it just might be a better idea to stick with sciences ONLY because it might keep more number of options open. And remember, it is always a good idea to talk to a lot of people.

Talk to people in their late twenties & early thirties from various fields.

Ask them what they're required to do as part of their job & if they enjoy it.

This might sound like an assignment, but trust me you will enjoy talking to people of many varieties. I'm not saying you take advise from others, but do use their knowledge.

And I see, you're going to study biology like your dad! :)

Small advises. Irrespective of whatever course you get into, books by Indian authors tend to be boring (at least that's the case with "science" books). So always try to read corresponding foreign-authored books even if they cost a lot. Second, if you find anything too boring try to look it up on the net (Wikipedia would be good starting point).

And simply learning biology will not interest you without understanding related organic chemistry & biochemistry. :(

Hope, all this helps. :)

Take care.

Srishti said...

@Misanthropist: THAT was OFFICIALLY the seetest comment I ever got!! Thank you so muchh!!
Its very nice of you to say all that. :)

@Soin: Hehe, thank you :D

@Bikaram: Thanks for the wishes!! Cool, you're a living inspiration!!

@Ketan: Heyy! How have you been? I read your comment many times and rest assured, I've taken in consideration all the advice you've given. It helped me a lot. :)
And I have to especially thank you for advising me to read books by foreign authors...I'm sure thats the best advice I've heard relating to all this. :)
Thanks again!