Excerpt. This is not me, btw. I'm yet to fall in love.
What is it about him?

What is it, that a mere glance of him, impulsively brings a smile on my face, making everything look brighter? The air seems clearer, the grass looks greener, the sky seems bluer...even frowns look happier, with him around.
What is it, that a mere smile from him, sets my heart pounding, a blush rising, butterflies forming in my stomach, eager anticipation on my face coupled with a desire to see him smiling forever?
What is it, that the slightest touch, make my senses lose all contact with my brain, focusing each and every particle of my being on that slight touch?
What is it, about the sound of voice, that seems music to my ears, a music which surpasses everything that has ever been composed before and I could listen to it forever?

What is it, that his mere existence seemed like magic, that someone so good, so perfect was even THERE was a magic beyond all...
What is it, that without him, life would cease to be just that, and everyone and everything that I ever valued before in this world would lose its meaning?

What is it about him?

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Silver :D

Mishika didi tagged me in her 25 random things post, and the idiot that I am, that was the time when I did the Vanishing Act, and didn't log in for a long time (Sorry Mish didi).

So, 25 random things about me :

1) I love to smell everything. Food, books, shampoos, clothes, air, grass, flowers anything that is made up of matter- except perfumes! Ironic.

2) I once bought a set of 3 books by Discovery (Universe, Earth, Animals), and though I usually don't like encyclopedias, I LOVED the Universe one. I was addicted to it for months.

3) My childhood dream was that I wanted to be a Space-Scientist and nothing else. Ok, not so much as childhood because I am still a child (I am!). But I would KILL to be a space-scientist and be the First Woman on Mars. I'd love it. Thats why I love to look at the stars. But I grew up and learned the harsh reality. Because it is Rocket Science.

4) Since the time HT City redesigned, I haven't missed an issue. Ok, I may have missed a few, but I try not to. I love the celebrity columns (Especially Priyanka Chopra-who knew she could write so well?), the weekly columns, the small fact boxes above every page and the new and improved- smooth pages!

5) I love Christmas decorations. Like, literally. I save last years' in boxes and buy new every year. Then decorate the tree on 20th December of every year :)

6) I hear random tunes or background scores or music and they are stuck in my head. Mostly, I like them, but when a REALLY irritating song gets in my head, then its even more difficult for me to get it out. And its a really annoying habit, but once something unpleasent goes in my head, I feel that its my moral duty to let everyone else listen to it too. By singing it out loud repeatedly.

7) I really like the show The Latest Buzz. Its not popular, its not very funny, its not very intersting. Its even off air now. But I was struck by the sheer simplicity of some scenes. And an amzing soundtrack :D

8) I watch too many movies and too much TV for my own good.

9) I get bored of things too easily. Because I do them SO much once I discover them. For example, when I was in 5th, I made my e-mail id for the first time. I mailed so much and chatted so much on the Messanger, that I haven't touched either of them since I entered 7th grade.
Same with Uno. And I was addicted to the computer and internet during 5th, 6th and 7th. But then I got bored.

10) I have a strange fetish for American high schools and will not rest until I study in one for at least a month.

11) This is even stranger. I feel that I belong in New York. Haha, yeah but I do. I love New York and everything about it. I am going to live there one day, you'll see.

12) One day, I'm going to have a library. Walls and walls lined with bookshelves. And thousands of books. Or a bookstore. Except it would kill me to sell my books.

13) I can talk endlessly. Few of my nicknames include chatterbox, loudspeaker, Madame Bak-Bak ( a teacher actually made this one up and revealed it in the staff room!).

14) My friend once said that I maybe actually Anne Frank reborn as Srishti because I talk SO much about her and think about her so much (I'm foxed. Who the hell ratted her out?). Our ideas are similar, our goals, our thinking...even our lives a little bit. Thats how I am. Once I get crazy about something, everyone around me knows its history and geography.

15) My favourite childhood TV shows were Shaktimaan, Hum Paanch, Mowgli, Baloo, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Sonpari, Shararat, Small Wonder and Two of a Kind. I still follow a few of them ;)

16) I had a crush on 'Sanju' of Shaka Laka Boom Boom. So much so that when we went to Mumbai once, I managed to procure his phone number and called him until he agreed to meet up in McDonalds. I have a photo with him. I gifted him a Mickey Mouse photo frame from Pantaloons.

17) I love McDonald's. It runs in the family, you see ;)

18) I'll be ever thankful to J K Rowling for creating something as wonderful as Harry Potter. Same to Meg Cabot and Stephenie Meyer.

19) I'm a HOPELESS romantic. I'm in love with love.

20) I love Friends (the TV show) and sarcasm.

21) I don't agree with CBSE and NCERT at all. Thats why I can't concentrate in studies. The syllabus should be more practical-based than theory-based. I want them to teach us how to think beyond the boundaries. Not tell us to copy stupid experiments from lab manual to practical file. I want them to show us documentaries and films in Social Science rather than ratto-fying 100's of answers of four points each.

22) I value loyalty the most and hate pretence the most. I think you rock if you're funny, and you should be put in jail if you can't make a conversation.

23) I'm very easy to impress. If anyone takes the trouble of even trying to impress me, I'm impressed. I'm impressed by almost anything.

24) I get an inferiority complex very easily. VERY easily. I know its not a good thing, but I'm helpless.

25) I love my parents and sister the MOSTEST. They are above all for me, in this world. And then my best friend and cousins :)

And although we had to write 25, I'll add a 26th one which I think is the most important...

26) No matter what, no matter whatever crime anyone has committed, however fake or mean they are- people are ultimately good at heart. Nobody's bad. Nobody. Its just how you look at them :)


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My Friend Alisha :)

Sometimes, even I can't find myself in this photo.
Oh wait...there I am! And there! Spot me :D

I think I can write a whole book on Alisha. There's so much to her.

But anybody who knows Alisha will first use the adjective 'nice' for her. The real nice.

She's so nice, so kind that it makes you feel : Why am I not like her? I remember, in our new class, there was a boy, who had a sort of mental problem. Not very severe, but enough to make him anti-social. He didn't talk to anyone in class and kept to himself. He knew about nobody, nobody knew about him. Early in 9th, Alisha once said to me "I feel so bad for Vishal. He's so lonely all the time". And I hadn't even noticed him yet! How shallow that made me feel.

I know she wouldn't agree, but whenever you talk to her, you get this inferiority complex. Not because she's so pretty, which is a valid reason too. But because she thinks for everyone. She feels for everyone, which has become quite uncommon in this self-obsessed world. If you're sad, she'll be sad with you. When you're happy, she'll be happy for you. When you're crying, she'll cry with you. And its not pretence. Its all genuine :)

But its not like she's a big bag of Mother Teresa! On no, she can be naughty too. Sometimes, its so much fun to be with her. I remember that in French classes, we-the french students, had to go and study in a different classroom. We were just 10. So we used to sit in the middle wing, in 6th or 7th. And the kids in those classes used to get loads of packets of chips and kept those in their desks. She used to eat all their Chips and FunFlips and whatever, and once she even put a note in their lunch boxes which said "Sorry ki humne tumhaara khaana kha liya, magar hum 100 saal se bhooke the" ! Its a different matter that she left money in place of those. But its French naa, she had to eat something!

Another thing which always amazed me about her was the amount of passion with which she loved the person she loved. In spite of the fact that he broke her heart repeatedly, she loved him . She gave all she could to that relationship, but unfortunately, it didn't work out. Everyone loved her- except the one whom she loved.

And the way she loved her dog! He was her best friend, Dollar , whom she liked to call Dollu , Dolly, Dolchu and whatnot :) He misses you too, Lishu.

She is one of my closest friends, and will remain so. Forever.

But here comes the twist in the tale.

On the night of 20th June 2009, Alisha with her family, moved to Maryland, USA leaving behind all she had ever known. The little world she had created in fourteen years, she had to leave. And start all over again. It was time for goodbyes.

You will be missed lisha, very much :')

All my love,


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I've been away from my bloggy for a long time!!
Now I'm back! But I've realized something. My posts don't have to be very organised and meaningful. They can be about anything, right? In any way.
If I want to use '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' instead of '!" after a sentence, I will. Because its not a class assignment. The grammar doesnt have to be perfect. Nor the punctuation. See, I didnt put a ' after n in doesn't. I'm not going back to correct it.
I'm NOT. what? I have to write about something. Why not...summer?
Yeah, summer!

So. What I like about summer.
- Swimming: The best part, is obviously, the musty smell of the swimming pool.
-Watermelon...yumm :)
-Mausmi juice: There is nothing more fresh and pure in this world :)
-Summer camps and classes
-Lemonade. Well, who doesn't like that?
-Being vella all day.
-So much time to watch movies and read books.
-Going to cousins' house! :D
-Ice-cream. Well, DUH.
-That feeling when after walking in the sun for a long time, you enter an air-conditioned store...aaahh...
-Summer TV. When all the channels change the lineup of shows. Airing new shows et al...
-Family vacations!
-The sweet satisfaction of 'sweating it out all day' even if you did nothing at all. Well, you did sweat it out. The Sun, hello?
-Clear skies
-Sad trees. Because you know they'll be all bright and shiny when the monsoon arrives
-We do it less frequently now but still : Playing all evening, well into the night then having water and splashing it on your face. Or better yet, standing beside a sprinkler :D

Until next time! (Which won't be long I promise)

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