I'b sick

Sore Throat. Fever. But the worst of all, the deadly...Cold. (I guess cold is not really called cold, ...but I don't know the scientific, or official name)
Except the part where people will get you whatever you want in bed, being sick sucks.

But the weirdest thing, is the Urge. The inexplicable urge to do exactly the thing you're not supposed to do. Even though I sound like that girl in The Exorcist, if anybody flashed a chuski in front of me, I'll eat it, without the slightest feeling of guilt. I even had chicken today! Fried. Which would help my throat a lot, I'm sure.
Why do we do things that are the exact OPPOSITE of things which we are supposed to?
The question haunts me.

The Zombie Community would definitely give me a membership now. I sound like them, I look like them. And I can probably go to Zombie High, the high school for Zombies. Oughta be fun.

Goodnight everyone :)

Retiring Sick,

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9 Reflections:

Ketan said...


Common cold--coryza

Inflammation of the inner lining of nose (itchy, red nose)--rhinitis

Running nose--rhinorrhea (American spelling)

See, even I talk like zombies 'cuz I attended zombie school! ;)

Wish you a speedy recovery, and may the Chicken's soul rest in peace whatever part of your intestines it be in, lest you get diarrhea!

And if those chicken's bhatakti aatmaein decide to take their revenge, I'd know the title of my next book--'Teenage soup for Chicken soul'.



Except the part where people will get you whatever you want in bed, being sick sucks.

totally agreed!!

seems like everyone is getting sick these days...i just recovered from fever hope u do

Mishika said...

Awe! Take care.

It's been really long since I fell ill, so I really won't mind it right now. It'll be a welcoming break of a sort. :)

Get Well Soon!

Srishti said...

@Ketan: Ok then...coryza it is!
Haha...Teenage Soup for the Chicken Soul =D
Thank you :)

@Neha: I know! So many of my friends are sick too. I think I got it from them in fact. Ohh...thank you :)

@Tutul: Arrey wow! You haven't been sick in a long time? Here...take some of my germs *sneezes* haha...ok sorry, its disguisting.
Thank you so much! :)

Stupidosaur said...

"Just like that"?

What sort of label is that? Nike tells us to "Just do it", you ask us to "Just like that"?

Dadagiri hai? I MUST like even if I don't? hmpppff

LOL! Kidding. I write it 'just like that'

One can't expect a better post from Sneezshti at such a critical juncture. Get well soon!

Ketan said...

Now, this is getting bad to worse.

I read this comment with 'sneezshti' on my RSS feeds without author's name, and thought I had to see who came out with such witty pun, and maybe (definitely, actually ;) ), go visit his/her profile and blog.

Now this is turning out to be a case of 'recurring' serendipity!

Stupidosaur, sorry, couldn't help it. :(

Srishti said...

@Stupidosaur: Yes, just LIKE that!
Haha...thanks. I'm well now! And back!

Almost ;)

Stupidosaur said...


//Stupidosaur, sorry, couldn't help it. :(

Why such a 'sad'<->'smiley'? I didn't understand!

And anyways, you should have expected it to be me. a-Pun ke siva aisa comment koun likega!


Good that you are well! It means it wasn't swine flu! Keep well!

Srishti said...

Haha...yeah it wasn't :) And my name isn't Shrishti...its Srishti...people spell it wrong all the time.