I'm sixteen!

So yeah. This is it. I did it. Made it to sixteen. A little pat on the back right now would be appropriate.
My life supposedly turned 'sweet' on the twelfth day of this September. 'Sweet sixteen' is not supposed to be all that sweet, you know. They say sweet like they say sick. As in, this guy says, "I rode a dirt bike man, it was sweeeeet! It was SICK" So it wasn't really sweet or sick.
Sweet in this case, I think means that this is the age, baby. To do wild and crazy things. To cross lines. To make new ones. Take it or leave it, you won't get another chance.
Go crazy. Lose yourself. BE sixteen.
Is this change supposed to come overnight? 'Cuz I'm still all same.
The only change is that I have a few more belongings now, presents you know. :D
And many more memories.

I'm a TOTAL age wimp. I don't know what that phobia's called, where you're scared to grow old, but I SO have it. I'm trying not to think that next year this time, I'll be seventeen, ALMOST an adult. An ADULT. I can barely tie my shoelaces, I mean, come on! Ok, I can tie my shoelaces , but still!

Except the oh-no-I'm-sixteen-going-on-seventeen-part, my birthday was pretty good! Now I HAVE to write maine kya-kya kiya, or the birthday fever will never die.

11 September- Okay so I woke up at around 5 in the morning. I hope you know what a birthday can do to a hyper-excited kid(?).
Mallika gave me a present in the bus. But the genius had, for some reason, squeezed in some amount of diluted fabric paint in the tape or something. My first present of the day, I ripped the wrapping paper apart and bam! My WHITE shirt now has permanent blue spots on it. Never mind.
In class, I felt like a queen! Haha...I'm not THAT small. Got a few more cards and presents (Daggu, thanks for the singing card!) and two beautiful bouquets. :)
I kept asking the teacher if everyone could sing 'Happy Birthday' for me. By the end of the day, they could write a song about how much they hated 'Happy Birthday'. :D
And seriously, they REALLY thought I knew nothing about the cake. Right! But break was ruined by stupid Yoga Workshop. Matlab, seriously. Yoga workshop on my birthday...I'd rather take double maths. And how were we supposed to do dhyaan or whatever when the yoga instructor standing in front of me had the HUGEST butt ever? Me, the girl with unstoppable, crazy laugh. Especially when there was 'pin drop silence'. Then its absolutely mandatory that I laugh.
Moving on, I came back to the class, cut the cake and got it plastered on my face. YAY!
I carried my bag of presents and bouquets with ABSOLUTE glee to the bus and then from the stop to home. And that was 11th.

12th September|The Big Day: My dad told me to hang up the phone at 1 in the night. Woke up around 8:30 or so, showered, went to the temple and the rest of the day was how a Party Day should go, you know, GIP, food, fun. Whatever. Yawn. SO over it(not).
Except by the end of the day, I wanted to crush the phone under my mum's heels. Fortunately, I didn't. Came back from mall at around 5, met up with other friends, and FINALLY when I thought I could lie down and watch TV, Ass and Prerna came over. Not complaining though. 'Twas sweet of them. :)

13th September (yeah it was a birth-weekend!): Dad's present still remained! I asked him to take me to My Sister's Keeper. And the only hall where it was still airing was in Select Citywalk and thats far and he still took time out! Though I cried my eyes out on that one. Seriously. That scene with the collage that Kate made totally had me bawling. Oh, well.

But the fun is not over, my friends! 20th September is the Dance party that I so naively promised. Yeah, yeah...I'm rubbing it in. After all, I don't turn sixteen everyday, do I? ;)

Srishti (16 and 6 days old)

P.S. Stupid Blogger's taking too much time to upload photos. Will do it later.

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11 Reflections:

Misanthropist said...

Happy belated 16th! make the most of it!

Srishti said...

Thank you so muchh!! :)

Mishika said...

Yayee!!!! SWEET sixteen. Just sixteen! I'm already an adult :(

deluded said...

sweet sixteen!

I remember when I had my sweet sixteen party

it was just last year

everything was pretty and pink

and birtney was there, singing

and there was jason, who was like omg omg omg! so freakin cute

and you know he pulled me closer and then........

deluded said...

oh. sorry.

I was possessed by a teenage girl's ghost for the past 5 mins.

who died from bulimia, I think.


that explains the song 'Im a barbie girl' running on my laptop currently.

sorry. my bad.

Srishti said...

@Mishika didi: Adult...stop acting like one! :D

@Deluded: You're mad!
Barbie Girl, really? 'I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world'?

deluded said...

life in plastic
its fantastic
you can brush my hair
undress me everywhere.......

deluded said...

oh boy.

here we go again.

Srishti said...

Haha...come, come barbie, lets go barbie, yeah, yeah, yeaaahh!

Ketan said...

A belated happy, happy, happy b'day! :)

Don't be worried me aging and all that. You can always stay a child at heart, except of course, if you eat a lot of chicken, your heart (the one which pumps blood and not emotions) will age too fast! :P

Anyway, have a great year ahead!


Srishti said...

Thank you sooo much!
And I don't eat a lot of chicken...I'm a flexitarian, you see. ;)