Taylor, Kanye and the President

VMA, 2009

Twilight Jacob (cutie!) just announced that Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video. The crowd cheers, Taylor Swift, shocked and ecstatic, goes up to the stage to receive her award. Begins her acceptance speech. She's thanking everyone, expressing her gratitude.
"I mean, I sing country music so thank you so much for giving me a chance to win a VMA award, I-"
And suddenly, Kanye West (oh yes, him again) interrupts her. This is what he says:
"Yo Taylor! I'm really happy for you, I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all the time! One of the best videos of all time!" He shrugs. The audience boos him away. Beyonce's mouth forms the little 'O'.
I mean, seriously.
I'm not all that fond of Taylor Swift ("You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess..." I mean, come on!) but here is this 19 year old girl, excited, eager, dressed as Barbie meets the Silver Disco Ball receiving her first ever VMA. She was so happy, I thought she'd practically trip over her Sparkly Silvery Dress on her way to the stage. And then this total jerk of West interrupts her in the acceptance speech, saying how Beyonce deserved it more than she did.
After West left the stage, Taylor, TOTALLY crestfallen and speechless, is unable to complete her speech and has to be escorted back.
But whats with Kanye West? Why did he interrupt? What went of his father's if she got the award?
I've decided not to make my pukey face if I hear Love Story again. Poor Taylor. She was stunned.

Afterwards, Barack Obama was asked to comment on the incident, and get THIS, he called Kanye West a jackass!!!! Mumma Swear!
I know it was really inappropriate, and not how a President should behave, but how cool is that?
First, the very fact that Obama watched the VMA and knows who Taylor Swift and Kanye West are proves that Obama, in fact, is the President of Today. He knows about these things. Can you imagine our President doing that? Not that she's supposed to, but still...I guess people would connect with the leaders more if they knew that they are quite the same as us. I'm sure she's a very nice lady, but the fact remains.
Second, I think is pretty obvious. He called West a jackass. I know I'll be getting shoes thrown at me for saying this, but I think that was pretty cool. Nobody says that to anyone, except the opposition parties to each other. Obama said West was a jackass.
Go, Obama, go go!
I think he is one too.

We want a President like that. We want a leader like that. One who watches the VMA. One who besides doing the duties and all, takes a little time out to connect with the people. We want people who were born 80 years ago to stop ruling the 21st century. We want change. We need change. India needs change.

And I think that Obama's Beer Summit was genius. Avoiding the racial issue from blowing up by inviting both the men for a beer at the White House was unheard of, until now.

Boo Kanye! Doob mar!
Its okay, Taylor. You'll get over it someday.

P.S. To watch Kanye diss Taylor, click here.

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4 Reflections:

Tangled up in blue... said...

Oh yeah, I heard about this, of all places on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien!

I agree..Go Obama go!

I wonder if we'll ever get like "normal regular people" as politicians! I think that'll take a long time, tho'!

Srishti said...

Haha...Obama's cool, hun?
So waiting for normal people as politicians...they can't be worse, can they? ;)

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

people sure start blogging early these days !!

thumbs up there !!

Srishti said...

Haha...ealry, as in at a small age, or something?
Thanks anyway :)