The grass was swaying lightly in the wind. The sky was a light blue, with a weirdly shaped snow white cloud, here and there. The park was full, as one would expect on a Saturday evening. Little families were sitting on the ground on sheets, huddled together. Children were running around in all directions, and obviously, the noisiest part of the park was by the swings. We walked up The Hill. Of course, Hill was hardly the word for it. It was just a slightly raised part of the park. Just a little steep.

The park was the ever-so-crowded, Indraprastha Park, the ultimate destination for any kind of picnics or outdoor Sunday brunches. At the Hill, it was a little less crowded, but just a little. This was Delhi after all. From the top, I could see the trains. Was it some kind of station? Trains were just standing there. But whatever it was, I really love looking at trains so its not like I minded. We just walked aimlessly, taking in the fresh air, the noise, the smell of the cool grass air, everything.

When suddenly, the very intelligent me gets an idea.
"Lets do roly-poly!" I say excitedly. He looks at me quizzically.
" The ROLY-POLY", I said slowly and loudly, as if explaining to a little child, which I might as well be doing, given his expression.
"The what?" he said.
"You don't how to Roly-Poly?" I asked disbelievingly.
He looked at me as if I was speaking Irish.
Matlab, seriously. Everyone knows whats a roly-poly! Everyone. Even the computer-nerds type who never go out.
"Buddhu", I said. "Its when you roll down the hill lying down on your stomach and then you roll and then you're on your back and then stomach and like this, ghoom ghoom kar! And its so much fun because you go on rolling and rolling and you don't know when or where you'll stop and you may just bang into someone or knock someone down! those serials! The woman rolls down the stairs, dropping the thali, its contents spill everywhere and then the weird background music plays." I snapped my fingers. " Aise."
I said all this with such gusto that he couldn't help laughing.
"Okay", he said. "Lets...roll-poll down the hill!"
We did it. We rolled down and down and further down, finally coming to a halt because the slope ended. Laughing, we got up, shaking bits of grass from our clothes. People all around were staring at us, like we were a couple of retards. He held his hand out and I took it and stood up.
"I guess we overdid it, haan?" I said, looking around and well, seriously, a lot of people were staring at me like I was a freak or something. Hello, it was only a they hadn't done it in their time.
"No," he said. "You've got leaves and feathers stuck in your hair."

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3 Reflections:

Misanthropist said...

I have never done a roly-poly!! But it sounds fun ;) will do it very soon! :)

Anonymous said...

its inspired by THAT incident isn't it ?
Will you include the one with the mother ?(here you slap me of thinking about It)

Srishti said...

@Misanthropist: Yay! Its IS fun...try it out sometime!

@Daksha: Hain? Which incident? Anyway, no. I used to Roly-Poly when I was little.
No, this is a parent-free zone. :D
*slaps you* Pathetic, baby.