Keep dancin, Shah Rukh

There are two kinds of people in this world: The ones who love Shah Rukh, and the ones who hate him. I belong to the former.
Well, okay, there are the ones who don't know Shah Rukh but, whatever.

Shah Rukh Khan has always been, and will always be, my favorite actor. The way he runs his hand through his hair, his two-dimple grin, his eyebrow-arch, all spell out this : A King indeed. ( I don't have a crush on him; he's older than my father!)

But on screen Shah Rukh is just the tip of the iceberg; there's so much more to him thats hidden from the world. His devotion towards his kids, his Mills-and-Boons love story with his wife, his love for sports, his charming personality and quick wit makes him just about the most popular actor in India.

This season of IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders won only a single match, I think. But I supported it throughout.
He's a self-made man, this Shah Rukh. Completely self made.

I'll meet him one day, you'll see.

Happy Birthay Shah Rukh. :)
These words are not empty; there's genuine affection behind them.

Anybody who says that Shah Rukh ain't good doesn't know what he's talking about. My opinion, pardon the tone.
And anybody who says 'Shah Rukh budhha ho gaya hai' is just deluding himself.
He's forty four years young today.

Aamirs and Brad Pitts are all good; but Shah Ruks's still Shah Rukh. Unbeatable.

Dude, you rule. Literally.

I don't care what anyone says; I know him from past life.

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25 Reflections:

soin said...

he atleast knows his limitations and keeps to it..anyways i dont think anyone else could have done that don role as good as he did,which rescued him..but too many mushy movies for guys to become his fan as

Tangled up in blue... said...

I think he's fun! He's not the best actor in the world, but atleast he knows how to laugh at himself..and thats a quality I hugely admire..

The only guy in Hindi movies who I have a real live crush on is Kay Kay Menon, and he doesnt do nearly as many films as I'd like to watch him in. :)

Ketan said...

soin--cross mark. Again, it is soin's comment that I couldn't make out. :(

TUIB--tick mark.

Score 50%. :(

Re: post, you've not left much margin for me to comment! Which is actually a good thing for the rapport between you and me! ;)

Anyway, a happy b'day to him!

There's one fact in your post that really, really surprised me. Guess, which one?


PS: Somehow, I always thought you must be liking SRK a lot! :)

Ketan said...

And I'm really impressed by TUIB by the actor she has a crush on. Seriously! Not that I'm surprised, but I'd never tried to guess, which Bollywood actor she must be liking! :P

Yes, Kay Kay, according to me, actually is a very good actor.

TUIB, if you come back to read this, who are your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses?

The Tragic Life of Pi said...

The thing about KK Menon is that he's just so fucking intense !! It seems he puts all his heart and soul into the character....which is commendable with the kind of characters he has to potray, unlike SRK, who does only the angry young man or romantic very young man roles ! The only exception to that SRK generalisation i think is Chak De India .

I, personally am a huge fan of Kay Kay Menon. Especially his stuff in Gulaaal and Hazaaron Khwaishein .

P.S. Now that we've started the Actor's debate here - I totally love Konkona Sen Sharma !!!
Anyone to second me here ??

Ketan said...

Tragic life of pi--cross mark! Aargh! What's happening? Was the previous post's performance a fluke? :( Thought him to be misanthropist! Especially, the usage of fucking, which I wouldn't associate with him. Not that I would particularly associate it with misanthropist, either!

Score: 33% :(

Anyway TLOP, I didn't start a debate on actors at all! Don't you provoke Srishti against me!

I think Konkona is a very good actor.

Let me talk of those people who I feel should first take some acting classes:

1. Amisha Patel
2. Celina Jaitley (seems like some endometriotic tissue (click) got lodged in her facial muscles)
3. Zyed Khan
4. Sunil Shetty (should only flex his biceps brachii, and not his buccinator and orbicularis oris).
5. Akshay Kumar
6. Emran Hashmi
7. Jiah Khan (how could I ever forgive her for projecting such a dumb female medical student, who are all actually not at all that dumb).

Well, will keep on expanding the list if I think of any more. I look forward to others, too to expand it. And then, Srishti could do a post on it!

And Srishti, if you're wondering at use of all those medical terms, it is only with the maxim of winners begin early in life in mind!

The only movie in which I liked SRK very much was Badshah (I know, not a very popular choice among SRK-movies), but I loved it for its innocence, without trying to manipulate viewers' emotions in crass manner!


Misanthropist said...

There are two categories of people in india atleast, who love shah rukh and who love salman ;)
and i belong to the latter.

and btw TUIB!!!!
I thought only i had a crush on Kay Kay Menon!!!!

Ketan said...

misanthropist--tick mark!

But not much to cheer, as I had already mistakenly guessed TLOP to be her.

But anyway, now the score stands at 50%.

For anyone feeling like taking offence at my tick and cross marks, a prophylactic apology awaits them at Tragic Life of Pi's latest post!

Also, I'm feeling very lonely here to be in such a minority position to be liking Aamir the best out of The Three Khans! :(


Tangled up in blue... said...

I must confess here, lest you guys think more highly of me than I really am..

I like Kay Kay Menon for his eyes which are like swirly black pools of darkness and his carelessly handsome looks, quite as much as I do for his awesome acting!!

His performance in Sarkaar was breathtaking..for me, literally so..

and in Gulaal, he was magnificent..and he was sooooo funny in Sankat City..

man, he's chameleon like, he is!!

And he's so luscious in Main Meri Patni Aur Woh, that he makes me want to just bite him!!

Hawt hawt!! :D

Now, that my lusty self is done talking,

TLOP, I love Konkona SenSharma, I loved her in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, she was absolutely awesome in it..

and she's gorgeous in Wake Up Sid, again its all about the eyes..

And Ketan,

I really cant think of any other favourite Bollywood actress, Konkona's pretty much it..

And Naseeruddin Shah is awesome..I've seen him in his stage performances at Prithvi, too..he's pretty incredible..its like I cud reach out and touch him and channel some of his power into!! gave me goosebumps..

my favourite Hollywood actors are Daniel Day-Lewis (again very very sexy), Christian Bale and Benecio del Toro.

as far as actresses go, Anne Hathaway is superb, and so is Kate Winslet and umm, Natalie Portman is awesome too!

Tangled up in blue... said...

Oh Srishti sorry to hijack the comments section like this,

but I wanna know about your favourites too!!! :)

soin said...

@ketan what u dint get..

and yeah me four too.kay kay and konkana.. but i love nanditha das...after her comes konkana..after that no other bollywood actress come near..tan people are usually intelligent say..talking of skin color i hope this instigates a racial war here with people screaming their heads virtually off..and yeah aapicar sorry for turning this into a chat

HaRy!! said...

oh i like him too and crazy of his onscreen appearance, but just the times he acts in weird ads, make him look dumb, especially the lux ad...or otherwise...King Khan is King Khan and there is no replacing!!!my fav star indeed!...just bloghopped here...nice one..cya around!

Tangled up in blue... said...


tanned people?? even like jessica simpson with a tan? it'd be a huge stretch of the imagination to call her inteliigence..Hahahaha! :P

Srishti said...

I have nothing to say.

Srishti said...

Oh wait I do.
My favorite Hollyood actors!
Okay so here goes:

Leo DiCaprio-Dreamy!
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
And I LOVED Heath Ledger!May he Rest in peace :(
Btw, have you see 10 things I hate about you?
Kate Winslet is AWESOME!
Julia Roberts, sooooooooo good.
Reese Witherspoon, again awesome.
And haha, Jim Carrey's hilarious.
And more, but I can't remember them right now sorry.

And Ketan, what fact surprised you??
@HaRy: Hi! You're the only one who supports me. Thanks!

And no matter what anyone says, I love SRK unconditionally. And I don't care about the Lux ads.
And KK Menon is sooo...regal.
He seems very disciplined and all...and people my age rather go for wild people!
And you know who should take acting lessons? Neil Nitin Mukesh.
And Abhishek Bachhan before Guru was horrible! Afterwards, he got soo much better.

soin said... no.. more the wonder kanye is hitting on her..salma hayek,halle berry-worshipable..
and talking of hollywood.. depp..eric bana..bludy brilliant..and natalie ever..period..

and talking of acting lessons -harman and mrs.ranbir kapoor..they need it big time if they are gona act one more

Tangled up in blue... said...

@ Srishti: I loved loved loved 10 things I hate about you!!

I obsessively love the part where Heath starts singing "You're just too good to be true" I watch that part over and over and over again!!

RIP Heath Ledger. Too bad he died so young, he was so amazing in The Dark Knight, and Brokeback Mountain too!! :)

And Srishti now that you call Kay Kay Menon, unwild, I'm starting to feel old! :D

But he's sooooooo awesome! Okay, now I'm overdoing it..

Jim Carrey's amazing in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, have u seen it?

@soin: Okay, so like umm, brown black people in general?? ;)

And haha, I dont think we can call Ms. Plastic Doll, Mrs. Ranbir Kapoor anymore..I read a rag today that proclaimed they'd split up! :D

soin said...

@tuib..oh not deepika.. i was calling ranbir a girl.ok am stopping

Sherry Wasandi said...

I belong to the latter.

And Ranbir is DEFINITELY a girl.
The whiny chick, even.

Srishti said...

@TUIB: I too loveeeee that part! I memorized the song, and the way he sang it was soooooooo cool. As he goes down the stairs, and he's like, "You're just too good to be trueeee...." and then the band starts playing too!!
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? No, I haven't seen it...will do now. :)

@Sherry: Haha, but his expressions in Wake Up Sid were adorable! The little 'O' and all.

Anonymous said...

"O"h and all.
Hmm.. reminds me of someone but i cant quite place him. Could you help please,Srishti ?

Srishti said...

I really don't think you NEED help, Daksha. :p

cool drizzle said...


yeah SRK really rules and its not only bollywood but hearts all around the world..

Rohith.R.Das said...

Hello dear friends,

I see that there is an exciting commotion going on here....talking about the finest actors, where did Mohanlal (4 National awards), Kamal Haasan (3 National awards)& Mammootty (3 National awards) go!! I must say that there is no regionalistic overture intended in this comment. Just that the achievement of this men speak for themselves.
As an aside, let me produce a list of my "favourite" actors herewith :-
1. MOHANLAL & SHAHRUKH KHAN, 2. Naseeruddin Shah, 3. Kamal Haasan, 4. Anupam Kher, 5. Mammootty, 6. Nedumudi Venu, 7. Thilakan, 8. Amitabh Bachchan, 9. Prakash Raj.

(My judgement is crippled by the fact that despite being a movie buff, I don't follow foreign films or any foreign actor with much keenness & enthusiasm.)

Here, SRK is an exception to the rule, since all the others are exceptional actors and national award recipients. But then, who can match the charm, charisma and aura of Shahrukh!!

By the way, sorry for the digression, Srishti :D

Srishti said...

@Rohit: Hi!
Of course, nobody can match Shah Rukh's charm; I think we're the only ones who think that!
Thanks for visisting!